Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love thee

Look down stars
Make way dancing streams
Brighten Sun shine
This is beyond dreams!
Prince Charming says-
"I love thee!"
Wake up the flowers ...
Call up the birds ...
Let them sing
To sweeten the breeze!
Hello! Sky
Send thy wishes
Drizzling showers
Invites the rainbows,
This awaited eve
Prince Charmin's here,
on His knees ...
Beyond the words
In a bright lea
Prince Knight standing ...
Carrying his plea
Warming eyes
Charming smile
Beyond the words
Yes, He is;
Prince of love
Knight of valor
set to protect
set to love
set to hold thy hand; eternally
Smiling Prince, tenderly
Lady's heart skips a beat
When Their lips sing
"I love thee"

Soujanya Indigo

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