Friday, January 1, 2010

Who Are You?

i see you, i see myself .. and i see everything
the woods * are * me
and i am the forest
"Thou art God"
we make it .. all of it
No. Could God claim to do better
imagine a giant jewel, with many many facets ..
you are standing on top of one of em ..
and the horizon looks so close, so near the edge
what you can not see though, are the rest of the facets
Each face on and there is something else, Some Other hand of reality
as you move about on your facet
you are sending vibrations Throughout The Entire jewel
every move you make influences everything
Because you * are * everything
everything is just as you
Everything that happens in the universe Sends Entire icts energy through you
Because it * is * you
Atman and Brahman
alive and dead
heads and tails
and there is nothing else
one single, continuous, unitary thing
to see the world is to see oneself

Saraswati Navarathna

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