Tuesday, December 1, 2009


A tourist from a Developed country WAS traveling somewhere in Africa. He cam across a local guy making beautiful bamboo baskets and bags. The tourist Stood around and watched in admiration, as the man's finger bend the bamboo strips and deftly weaved together to make 'em sneakers and bags of Many shapes and designs.
Impressed by the handiwork, the tourist Asked him the price of one item. The man glanced up Briefly, His fingers busy with work, and said - one dollar. The tourist thought It was a fairly reasonable price, and Wondered - what if I bought in bulk and sold thesis em back home at a higher price? So he Asked the man - what if I bought 100 of Each Type? What Will Be Then the price?
The man stopped His work then and Looked at the tourist. He Asked, disbelief writ Clearly on His face - You want 100 of Each Type? The tourist said - yes. Each and one in the 100 must be EXACTLY the same. Tell me the price.
The man scratched His beard and thought about the proposal. Then he Looked up and said - That Will cost you $ 10 a room. The tourist Could not believe his ears! If the quantity goes up, the price shoulds go down! Did the illiterate native foolish man misunderstand him? He Abebooks web sites again - if I take one, It Will cost $ 1, goal if I take 100 Will it cost 10 dollars? Why is that?
Replied the man calmly - yes, sir. Making the same thing 100 times is so boring! I will do it only if you pay me extra for it.
Girish Navarathna

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