Thursday, April 1, 2010


As Some of you know May, Recently I was Invited to a University campus for a day-long interview. As a PhD student on the job market (in a tough economy!) This interview was very significant to me. Part of the day-long activities included a short teaching demonstration on a topic of my choosing. I chose to focus on the potential virtual worlds That can bring to organisms through Their Ability to bring people together, engender a sense of immersion, and allow people to do things That are not feasible in the real world. My presentation WAS Geared Toward the undergraduate students That I would be meeting on campus. You can view the final presentation here:
Happily, the presentation Went wonderfully, thanks in large part to the people at Perfect Paradise! Before going off on the interview; many of the people from Perfect Paradise Attended a trial run of my presentation and Gave me invaluable feedback. I incorporated the feedback into my presentation and believe That It made it so much better. So, I thank everyone Have you participated and offert Their input.
I was odd ble to bring into the conversation Perfect Paradise and explain how people can use virtual worlds to reach across geographic and cultural boundaries. I Told That I presented the class to about how a group of people I Had never put in the real world Were willing to Spend a morning with me in the virtual world and Become Involved in what I was doing with earnestness. It was a real eye-opener to Both the students and the faculty That I spoke with, Have you HAD very little knowledge of the power of the virtual world.
Thanks to everyone at Paradise Perfect for helping me and boosting my confidence so That I Could succeed in my interview. I made safe to let people know about the great community in Second Life! 
Abigail Abernathy

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