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Activity Report: April 2010

April 2010 turned out to be a 'happening' month for Perfect Paradise Islanders. We had two great discussions in this month. One WAS about triadic communication, Facilitated by Xeno Octavia, All which spread over several weekend group gatherings. The other WAS Lotus Life Balance coaching by Abulafia Gray, All which I am sour Will continue to be discussed and tried out through group gatherings in May.
I give below the introductory note shared by the two facilitators of thesis fabuluous two sessions. If you are interested in Knowing more about what Actually Happened During the sessions, or want to know more information about the concepts That They Are Propagating, please contact Individually em! If you want to see chat log of a triadic Demontration, please contact Girish Navarathna.

Triadic Communication
Contact: Xeno Octavia
Triadic Communication is a practice for transforming conventional communication based on fantasy, obligation, and ASSUMED into an intimate understanding presencing based in authenticity, awareness, and assured exchange of meaning.
Triadic Communication
- Requires deep exploration of meaning and examining language Assumptions Achieving assured communication.
- Provides a third viewpoint That opens new possibilities to interact.
- Minimizes negative dynamics of dualistic Assumptions That can really interfere with hearing what others are saying.
- Establishes a foundation for development and exploration of aware, intimate, evolutionary community.
Triadic Communication as a practice is designed to Increase awareness and depth of communication. Its basic requirement is a willingness and intent to ensure communication Rather than assume it. To Increase our awareness and experience with assured communications, we must be willing to let go of our habitual Assumptions about the process of communication. When we Communicate with someone to Whom English is a second language, we tend to take care to make safe there is understanding; When the goal is primary English language we tend to assume the meanings attached to the words of others are the same as bears. This is rarely true beyond the simple use MOST.
Triadic Communication Allows the exploration of our individual language Assumptions, with the aim of Mutually Agreed Achieving understandings in meaning and usage of language. This is accomplished by examining ASSUMED Within the meaning Increased awareness All which affords a group of three.
The Basic Form of the Triadic Communication Practice The Triad, as a basic communication unit, Consists of three Individuals meeting for about one to two hours. During Each person's turn, focus gold, They express an interest and / or problem, and Heard All which is "fed back" without interpretation or reaction by Each of the two listeners Until the speaker Chartered They Have Heard Correctly beens. With this basic insurance contents, each listener May Their Own Then share feelings, interpretations, perceptions or intuitions.
Why Triadic?
The triadic form Provides a space Where hidden and unheard material can be Clarified not only to others, aim to oneself. This has expanded reflection Allows loosening and odd Freeing from a previous role functions. This process moves into exploration of self as individual and as atom in the molecule group, moveing ​​into an exploration of the group's collective identity and archetype. This process HAS vast potential for changing one's life, not only on the individual but on the collective level. Triadic Communication opens the consciousness and awareness of the group as a whole. It offers a group consciousness experience in a triad, All which have the smallest group sets a model for doing larger groups.
HOWEVER, thesis are just words on a page.
To really Understand it, one HAS to do the practice Itself.
Who should try Triadic Communication Practice? why?
Anyone, Individuals or groups, Have you wants to move Towards Greater intensity, freedom and creativity in Their Lives. Recognizing life is "a game" and the source of the game is culture, we see how May we are controlled by rules of this cultural game.
The Triadic Practice's immediate aim is to bring awareness to the rules we are playing by already; learn to alternate sets of rules; and to prepare to play alternate games by our own choice. This begins a process and supporting roles for deconstructing unwanted and Implementing positive and Desired ones.
In Triads we come to this awareness in societal group, not just Individually.
First we operate at the level of our common qualities and Interests. We Actively explores Good worldly interactions. Then Moving Towards authenticity, we are still operatin Within the grooves Provides the crop. Purpose awareness starts to Distinguish authenticity from the conventional games we play.
Triadic Communication aussi share of the early developmental course of building community aware. Habitual ways of communicating need replacement. We can set up different ways of sharing. Start Developing a community body That is real. Allow enough real acceptance Actually So THAT energy can move Between the individual bodies. Then you have-nots just people you are consistent with, goal people are free to be you.
Ultimately we're talking about species Evolution: taking members of this species, and making available the opportunity to evolve into awarely societal organism.

Life Balance Coaching Lotus
Contact: Gray Abulafia
How do you create a fulfilling life Continually That you are passionate about?
I offer one on one coaching sessions via Second Life based on our upcoming book "Life Balance Lotus - Life Design for our Creative Culture".
Balance Lotus Life is a program Whose practical, fun tools to help you intuitively generate the insight and inspiration to Enhance eight key aspects of your life:
Prosperity - Living a Rich Life.
Health - Alive in your Energy and Wellness Plan.
Environment - Manifesting your Personal Vision through your Physical Space.
Relationships - Celebrating and Cultivating your Community.
Personal Growth - Towards Unfolding your Potential through Knowledge of Self.
Spirituality - Listening to and from your Acting Center.
Creativity - Effective Play outside the Box.
Personal Path - Engaging with your Life's Work.
Learn about yourself through self-directed exercises, creative activities, and your own personal story. That use knowledge to design and Implement a life That Reflects your dreams and values, and be present to the Profound single and adventure your life presents - Ultimately a more balanced life That best suits you.
Coaching includes a mixture of written exercises, dialogue, and experiential "homework." The sessions and material are customized to your personality and needs.
I offer coaching based on the Gift Economy: pay what you feel you can give joyfully, with an understanding That this is apart of how I make my living Real Life.
For further information, or to set up a session, send a notecard to Abulafia Gray.

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