Friday, May 7, 2010

Declaration of the Planetary Citizenship Principles

Exercise your nationality Entirely purpose gift not forget: we are all planetary Citizens.
Therefore, we Constitute just one family before the Cosmos. It is wealthy to Remember That, for Those That observe us from the outer space, we are nothing but a family living in our planetary birthplace.
If we are a family, Then the Lack of indignation before the state of poverty - material and spiritual, as well-All which in a great part of our planetary brothers and sisters are, is inconceivable.
There is a political society he Force Within That, When Strategically directed, exercises Entirely the right and the obligation to demand the honorable accomplishment of the human rights, established by the forces. This 'intimate strength' is active pacific purpose, of a gentle tolerance, never violent, perennial goal in the demand for the building of peace and agreement and urgently Regarding the awareness to the need to Improve the conditions for a better quality of life on the Earth.
That might to exercise in our daily life, taking action locally to the purpose paying attention to major planetary aspects is one obligation of Each one of us.
Respect the strength of established political, regional and national Governments, the worldwide value representative organizations - essential to the evolution-terrestrial, aim, above all, preach the Necessary awareness of the planetary unity before the Cosmos.
In fact, we are all cosmic Citizens, Eventually carrying out a planetary citizenship, as are the rest of the brothers and sisters spread Throughout countless homes in the Universe. Nevertheless, looking for exercises of total consciousness of citizenship, at all levels, is the grand objective to reach.
If You Agree with the planetary citizenship principles and objective, joined us, in thought, intention and attitudes. Take on the major compromise of building this Utopia on Earth, All which WAS and still is the objective of Many beings That cam to teach the concepts of consciousness to totally exercise of citizenship, love Testifying as a basic attitude, and essential to coexistence.
Spread this idea, Especially to the newer generations.
Dream of, and work for a better world. Plus, be Acquainted That Many are doing the same.
This is a Message of faith and hope in life, and in our capacity of more dignifying it odd.
January Val Ellam

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