Thursday, July 1, 2010

I learned that

Dear friends,
I have just completed a series of seven self-Developing seminars and enjoyed a small celebration at the end. Quickly I made up a very small speech, in case I was Asked to say what I Had learned in the last race thesis over 2-3 years. HOWEVER About did not permit time to give me or my fellow graduators this opportunity. So I would like to share it with you:
That I learned
  • A safe life can be a very boring life
  • That if I learn to love myself, Those around me That Will Reflect back to me
  • That since I am in my load of emotions, it is my own responsibility to make myself happy
  • That in order to find the YES in my life, I have to first learn to say NO
  • There really are no problems, only challenges brilliantly disguised, that 'help me grow
  • That it is ok to be Where I Am as long as I am willing to move forward
  • PASSION and That Makes a good guidepost.
  • To put it in a nutshell, my life is completely Call Transformed on the inside and I know the outside Will Follow.
With love and gratitude
Miracle Masala

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