Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Skye and Girish Story... 1

The day Girish Navarathna passablement dropped from the skies in front of Skye Thurston, both, of Them Did Not Realize what a remarkable coincidence it WAS.
Skye HAD beens on Second Life for Almost two years. She Had loved and lost in SL, seen the ups and downs of life year SL. Girish WAS Hardly a month old in SL On That momentous day. A total newbie, only He Had A Few weeks ago, Acquired His first friend in SL, All which WAS His first lucky break in SL. His friend Rayah WAS mentoring him in SL, and aussi helping him talk through His RL bread.
The first meeting of Skye and Girish Was a fantastic coincidence. Firstly, Girish HAD Explored always the quiet natural places in SL, never really gone exploring residential Areas, shops and clubs. Yet it That Particular day, something to prompted him to look for jazz music places. SECONDLY, He Did not pick up the first names Few That cam up in the search option, picked up a club aimed That Was Rather down on the list, Just Because He Took a fancy to the name - All which was just three initials, not really Any word with a meaning. Thirdly, When he got there and found the club non-functional, He Did not leave time immediately, goal Decided to explore the surrounding blocks on the sim, All which WAS a residential area. Most of the plots Were fenced for security by the owners, and Girish Kept on crashing into the fences .. and still He Did not leave, goal Kept exploring. He saw one plot of land with a building unlike Looked That He Had Any Other building seen in SL so far - It was a Indian Rather looking structure, open arches and dome shaped roof - and when to He Went closer he saw That It Was Not fenced Either up. So He Went and landed on the beautiful white sand beach, wanting to take a closer look at the structure.

In Spite of all thesis Things That He Did Were All which out of the ordinary, he might still have-nots puts Skye. It was Girish's evening ... and Skye's morning. Generally Skye is more Likely to be online in her night (All which is Girish's morning). That Particular Purpose day happened to be her day off AND she DID not have any RL Planned tasks. So she WAS online, When she Generally Would not Have Been. Even Then, the meeting Would Never Have Happened, if Skye HAD beens Following her normal routine of camping or shopping or visiting Some friend. She Was Neither goal of doing things thesis. One day she was in. That was pensive mood PARTICULARLY HAVING Recently Experienced Reviews another 'down' in SL ... She Was standing on the beach, contemplating her house, wondering if she shoulds occupy herself by demolishing it and building something new ...
Girish Noticed the girl standing near swaying palm trees in front of the house. She was beautiful, Had a stunning figure, sensuously Accentuated by a pink two piece Free swim suit ... and wonderful flowing dark curly hair That hung lose around her face, and added an aura of wild sensuality to her pleasant appearance. Girish HAD Recently Acquired a free but fairly good looking av. That He Had Generally found if he lingered around, women cam up to talk to him. So he ACTED as if He Had not seen the girl, and Walked around pretending to examine the house and Waited for her to speak.
Skye Noticed Girish and thought - hmm, here is a guy, I guess he teleporting Will Be a 'chick' and They Might try to use my house for romancing. So she just Stood there and watched, and Waited ... uncertain, Whether she wanted to leave the pair alone or eject em from her property.
Purpose There Was No girl for Girish to teleport in, and when to this girl he saw That Did Not sccm odd to look at him, disappointed, he flew away and crashed into ... more surrounding fences.
Watching the young guy fly away, Skye Dismissed him from her thoughts, and Decided to go for a swim.
Girish couldn't somehow put the girl out of His mind. There Was Nothing else on the sim That interested him, and so he came back to the house with the domed roof on the white sandy beach. Aim the girl along there WAS no. And Then he saw her and WAS MOST surprised That She Was Actually floating in water. He Was truly a total newcomer to SL Then, and Did not know anything about animations and pose balls. He Went to the water's edge and the first thing he ever Said That to Skye was - how do you float on water? That was it, no greeting, no introduction, Just That issue thrown out to her. It was to her credit She Did That simply ignores him, goal Invited him to click on Reviews another pose ball close by and come float with her.
They Talked of various Things That day. Girish found Skye so easy to talk to. Skye and found him refreshingly different from the extra-smart males Always Trying Their damnedest to impress her and interested in nothing but sex. He Was curious and diffident. He Knew He Did not know a lot, and Was Not afraid to admit it. His mentor HAD HAD beens Have you not one person ridiculed him, and here WAS Reviews another. Waited patiently for Skye him to change into a swimming shorts, Explained the floating and swimming pose balls to him. She aussi Showed him around her property. He liked her taste - the house was elegant. He aussi That She DID notice removed A Few poseballs hastily from the bedroom area before showing him around. He Did not how it is.
Skye says this strange serious man intrigued her. They Talked The more, the more she started believing That she wanted to get to know him better, that 'He Had passablement May be dropped on her head for a reason. She aussi Decided to be a bit naughty with him, to test him May be?
After They Came out of the house again, she Suddenly jumped into an open air shower on the beach. Girish HAD beens Following her around the house, and he Followed her into the shower before he Realized it. He Was Suddenly shocked into stillness. There He Was standing very close to this dusky beauty with wild curly dark hair, water cascading down on her ... Suddenly RL memories flooded him ... A couple of minutes he just Stood there - frozen and staring at the screen. And Then he woke up to the cruel reality of RL, and stumbled away. His fingers fumbled blindly as the arrow keys taking himself away from Skye, she Sensed His discomfort. She thought she HAD hurt His cultural feelings by her boldness, him Being an Indian. She apologized profusely and he felt bad for her. She Was just being playful, SL Effective WAS all a game. So he assured her: It was not her fault, he just Suffered from a memory attack. To His relief She Did not probe. Simply Said That It happens to everyone at Some Point gold and other Invited him to a dance pose ball. He clicked on it a bit in apprehension. Goal again, he Realized how sensitive and responsive the beautiful woman WAS. It was not an intimate dance at all. It was a carnival Rather wild-type dance - of the kind he never imagines himself indulging in Could. Aim at That Time, on That Day, It was therapeutic for him. He soon stabilized, His admiration for the girl going up several notches.

The upshot of all this before Was That They Said goodbye to each other 'for the day, Girish HAD candidly Skye Told That He Was fascinated by her dark curly hair, and she Looked like the woman of His fantasies. And Skye HAD beens interested enough to copy and store Actually That first conversation. Normally she never blinds Any chat log at all.
That was how it started.
To be continued ....
Girish Navarathna

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