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The Skye and Girish Story... 5

Skye arrived on Perfect Paradise in the middle of a group meeting discussing the Second Generation proposal. Girish was trying to steer away from the proposal, but did not want a direct confrontation…
Skye Thurston: I hate her and I hate her sneaky little ways.
Girish Navarathna: I love you.
Skye Thurston: what rock did she crawl out from under? I love you.
Girish Navarathna: Thank you.
Skye Thurston: This is pissing me off more every minute.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, nothing matters to me beyond that you and I love each other ...
Skye Thurston: well you better back off this experiment then if you mean it because I am upset. And last night I actually thought ..We need to talk and not in a good way first time ever. Actually my thought was you need to listen. I am not playing her game. I did not come to SL for this drama. My beach is looking better and better when in reality her project is only to get closer to you. I have eyes and can read between the lines. What we’ve done is not good enough for her obviously and as it is she can not lure Girish..But Paradise, well that’s a separate identity.
Girish Navarathna: Yes... I understand. In fact that’s the conclusion I reached too after thinking over the conversation.
Skye Thurston: She admitted she was flirting in your conversation.
Girish Navarathna: Yes... I found that disturbing.
Skye Thurston: Disturbing. I found it infuriating. I want to kill and eat her, roast her over a slow fire. Do you like me feeling this way? It isn’t very pretty, is it?
Girish Navarathna: It only shows me the intensity of what you feel for me and I feel gratitude.
Skye Thurston: well last night everyone went on about how you are in love with me. What they don’t realise is that though I don’t whine ..I miss you terrible and I am in love with you too. It is not one sided…
Skye Thurston: ok Girish I am leaving. I can’t listen any longer.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, if we want to prevent the experiment from going on, leaving is not the solution.
Skye Thurston: Well this meeting's minutes may go down in history if I don’t. lmfao
Girish Navarathna: Well.. Please don’t leave... unless RL is calling of course... I need you, my shakti.
Skye Thurston: The shakti is in a rage. if I had a third eye I would be using it.
Girish Navarathna: Mira is with us on this..
Skye Thurston: I told Mira what I feel and she saw the flirting too. if the plan is to go polygamy in second gen to make it ok well I am out.
Girish Navarathna: There will be no second generation so no question.
Skye Thurston: We’ve just spent one and a half hours discussing this bitch’s proposal. I won’t do shit now. Count me out of everything….I will be packing my things and leaving PP today. I am not happy.
Girish Navarathna: If you are not happy it means nothing to me even though I would hate to abandon Mira.
Skye Thurston: Well this is ridiculous. She comes in all about sustainability and now tries to find a way to be with you. I am going home so you can forget about me and XXX being friends.
Girish Navarathna: Yes I can see that.
Skye Thurston: As smart as you are I would think you could see through her.. yet you are so enamoured by her you can’t.
Girish Navarathna: I m not enamoured. Skye, you know that is not true.. You are upset and angry. I have always taken people at face value and don’t like to be confrontational. it has its disadvantages, but that is me.
Skye Thurston: Oh bull you’ve talked and talked about XXX ...
Girish Navarathna: Yes I have. not ABOUT her. I have talked about her ideas and thoughts on a subject that happens to be my interest and there aren’t many who have much to say about it.
Skye Thurston: Yes, and is it just her way of getting close to you? Yes. And if you wanted someone to share it with why wasn’t it me? it is not that I am not interested.
Girish Navarathna: I didn’t start any of the discussions, Skye. XXX asked me questions and I answered.
Skye Thurston: She’s playing you, telling you what you want to hear, and trying to lead you.
Girish Navarathna: I have total faith in your wisdom.
Skye Thurston: Yet not once did you voice that it is already causing problems and it hasn’t even started yet. My article this month will be my farewell to PP.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, don’t do this please.
Skye Thurston: You don’t seem to understand how mad I am. Though I have voiced it very loudly.
Girish Navarathna: I know how mad you are. What do you want me to do?
Skye Thurston: I am not one to tell you what to do. I only tell you how I feel and what I am doing. I am not your boss.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, please try to understand I am thinking on my feet here.. in a situation that I have never faced before and I m assuming that you hate drama. my only attempt therefore is to remove the threat without causing dramatics.
Skye Thurston: You want drama? Because I can tp right back and lay it out for anyone who can hear my shouts.
Girish Navarathna: I don’t either. That is the only reason why I didn’t want to confront but rather deviate away from the proposal. Skye, darling... we have both put in so much into PP. Almost breathed life into it when it was near collapse. Do we just abandon it all?
Skye Thurston: Well let the second generation handle it now.
Girish Navarathna: Can’t you see that it is not going to happen?
Girish’s reasoning was that to roleplay on what a second generation (of people born on the island and having no knowledge of the rest of the world, except what the first generation handed down to them) would do on Perfect Paradise, it was first necessary to brainstorm over what the first generation (people from the modern world shipwrecked on the island with no modern resources) would do. Therefore a couple of weeks should be spend where everyone tries to imagine and put to others what they would do if they were stranded in a ‘shipwrecked’ situation. So that a proper story of Perfect Paradise builds up. He believed that either it will show that people are only interested in talking occasionally, rather than doing anything, or the discussions will evolve into more interesting projects for the first generation to do. In either case, he felt the second generation would end up being shelved. The other active members were not too keen on the roleplay either. He tried to explain this to Skye, but she was too angry to listen…
Girish Navarathna: … All said and done we are in SL to relieve stress primarily, everything else is secondary.
Skye Thurston: Not working for me.
Girish Navarathna: That is why I feel that the first outcome is most likely and the whole thing will fizzle out. I will be honest with you Skye. I don’t want to give up on PP because of one person. But my commitment to you is more to me than my commitment to PP. If you leave, I will leave, although a part of me will die in the process... I m willing to take that risk for us.
Skye Thurston: I do not intend to kill any part of you.
Girish Navarathna: I know you don’t intend to and please believe me that I don’t want to be a cause of stress or pain to you.. ever.
Skye Thurston: Well how about anger? It causes stress and I am seething. I need a trip to the gym to kill a punching bag.
Girish Navarathna: Now I do regret that I never spend any effort on trying to learn building and scripting in SL. I would convert myself in a punching bag... to relieve your stress.
Skye Thurston: lol
Girish Navarathna: Are you really smiling?! I am not joking if that is what you think. I m a serious guy.... but you know that already... I am also a remarkably dumb guy in some respects... which may be you knew but I didn’t till now.
Skye Thurston: Well see the good only it seems and not the hidden but not well hidden end to her means… I am in IM with Mira. she is also trying to calm me with not much luck… Mira knows I am close to leaving PP .. She knows we left the island to talk. She understands all to well. She also saw the hint of a crush, the possessive and praising remarks.
Girish Navarathna: Well... I have already said that I understand I have been dumb and I agree with you. I don’t need corroborating evidence for that.
Skye Thurston: Well Mira will not let me kill her so I am not going back. I asked nicely to rid the pest of the island. You are free to return, but without me.
Girish Navarathna: Skye... all right… You know I will not. I choose not to be free.
Skye Thurston: Well I am not going back. Mira said I was turning over my territory to XXX, but I said my man does not go with the territory…. You should have stopped this before it got this far. You knew I was upset before the experiment and had the question of second generation mates and already it’s a fucking problem.
Girish Navarathna: I have failed.
Skye Thurston: I was happy being Skye Thurston first gen PP. Now I am happy being Skye Thurston, wild woman of Penobscot and other sims. LOL
Girish Navarathna: I have just one request. I m a man of commitment. I would like to continue with sending my slides about sustainability facts till I finish with the project.
Skye Thurston: I am not asking you to quit PP, love.
Girish Navarathna: It’s not paradise for me unless I share it with you.
Skye Thurston: Well it’s not paradise to me anymore… I am still mad so now is not the time to decide. But I was mad last night, was mad in my sleep, I was mad when I woke up, I’ve been mad for three hours now. I do not like being upset. It is not my personality. This is me pushed to the edge. I am a nice person and caring, but I also have claws to defend myself. And if this was rl that bitch would be bleeding all over that sand.
Girish Navarathna: yes, wild woman... :)
Skye Thurston: And her head would be on a totem ploe – shrunk to fit her personality.
Girish Navarathna: I love you.
Skye Thurston: lol Why? My anger excites you? I would fight anyone for you, lover. I love you. maybe you don’t know it, but I do.
Girish Navarathna: :) I know you would.
Skye Thurston: I am not good company right now, I know that. this is not fun.
Girish Navarathna: Please don’t go… not mad like this.
Skye Thurston: Then I will never be able to leave...because I can’t shake it. I am mad as hell, mad as hell. I mean fucking pissed off. I can’t remember the last time I was so pissed in sl or rl.
Girish Navarathna: You are working yourself up... Stop and look at us. We are together, we have talked, we have not shaken one inch… Look at us.
Skye Thurston: I am :-))
Girish Navarathna: I m looking into your stormy blue eyes... and I see beyond the flashes of anger.
Skye Thurston: Good lol
Girish Navarathna: I see your love and I see my paradise.
Skye Thurston: I love you.
Girish Navarathna: I love you too… and with all my faults... you are stuck with me.
Skye Thurston: Don’t worry, lover. There is one thing that will not change and that is that I love you.
Girish Navarathna: hmm :) madly in love?
Skye Thurston: hahaha obviously I have gone mad lol
Girish Navarathna: yes you have :)
Skye Thurston: and yes I am madly in love with you… I will see you tonight. I love you, sweetheart.
Girish Navarathna: I love you, Skye.. precious blue diamond… my soul mate.
Skye Thurston: mmmm good night babe.. many kisses till tonight.
Girish Navarathna: good day..kisses.
Girish Navarathna (offline IM to Skye): I m watching the fire near the steps... and thinking of you... logging off now.... but my heart will stay here.. waiting for you... near the fire....
When Skye came online her night, Girish’s morning, that evening Girish was supposed to leave on a trip in RL to watch a total solar eclipse with some friends.
Girish Navarathna: Are you just going to watch me? I am where we had our very first conversation or approximately in the area..
Skye Thurston: Hey there. How are you babe?
Girish Navarathna: I m ok ... didn’t sleep much though...
Skye Thurston: I am sorry to hear that, sweetie.
Girish Navarathna: And I haven’t even thought about packing yet... lol
Skye Thurston: lol you’re kidding? you better get it done, lover. Going with no supplies lol?
Girish Navarathna: Almost thinking about not going, but haven’t been able to think of any plausible excuse. I don’t want to go watch a solar eclipse when my soul mate's heart seems to be under eclipse. Anyway… I want to ask you something.
Skye Thurston: Go ahead.
Girish Navarathna: Why are you allowing that blasted dolphin to come between us?
Skye Thurston: Because it’s cool watching it swim under me.
Girish Navarathna: Can’t you move this thing closer? ok... that’s better.
Skye Thurston: lol Good. I am glad you are happy :-) splashes water at you.
Girish Navarathna: mmm... :) I saw Mira just before she logged off.
Skye Thurston: Yes I talked to her earlier.
Girish Navarathna: She wants me to drag you to the altar.. lol I said I would happily do that... but not for that reason.
Skye Thurston: Oh she blamed this on us not being partnered, I know. I said bullshit, Girish has no trouble telling how he feels about me and XXX very well knows what I am to you and you to me.
Girish Navarathna: It’s all over my profile too... even if I don’t utter a word :)
Skye Thurston: I have no doubt you told her.
Girish Navarathna: Yes... the very first time we talked. The hut is very useful in bringing you up in any first conversation with any visitor.
Skye Thurston: She just thought she might find a way around it ..with a second generation. You can’t tell me she wasn’t aware of the problems it would cause
Girish Navarathna: I don’t want to tell you anything, Skye. but I feel that you lost trust in me on this one... and that saddens me.
Skye Thurston: Lost trust? you didn’t even see it coming, Girish. That doesn’t mean I lost trust.
Girish Navarathna: But when I did, I started dealing with it. But you don’t believe that.
Skye Thurston: Not really, you sidestepped around it.
Girish Navarathna: Oh? And running away is facing the issue? Skye, listen to me for a bit.
Skye Thurston: Don’t lecture me, Girish. Mira already tried the you are running away shit. her words too.
Girish Navarathna: I didn’t know that. But that is not what I was going to say anyway. it just came out because you said I was sidestepping the issue. have you ever thought that if I didn’t just sidestep and watch the interest spend itself every time women tried to 'get' me ... you would have ended with an island full of women simply hating our guts?
Skye Thurston: Oh it was ok for them to hate me but not possibly hate you.. hmm
Girish Navarathna: You think they hate you?
Skye Thurston: Some of them do, I am sure to some degree, you don’t?
Girish Navarathna: Yes I know. But whenever they have got a chance to know you better that has changed. That is why I have always been extremely happy to see you on the island without me, being a lively member of the community. allowing people to see you as you truly are... and not just as someone that I love beyond distraction… you crazy wild woman... I love you.
Skye Thurston: Oh now I am crazy?
Girish Navarathna: Aren’t you?
Skye Thurston: No...getting mad isn’t crazy. I love you.
Girish Navarathna: About me?
Skye Thurston: lol… Well about you, a little off. haha
Girish Navarathna: mmm
Skye Thurston: Nothing some herbs wont cure. lmao jk
Girish Navarathna: hmm
Girish Navarathna: You want to be cured of me now, huh?
Skye Thurston: No lol of being crazy.
Girish Navarathna: hmm
Skye Thurston: Stop hmmming please.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, I just have one thing to say... before my soul mate and much more beyond that... you have been my friend, my guide in SL.. But I do feel that you have allowed your judgement to be clouded in this situation. I will not say more. I trust in your working it out. you are a wise woman.
Skye Thurston: Wiser than you are giving me credit for actually. So I will say good night and enjoy your trip. Perhaps one of us will change our minds about this after you return.
Girish Navarathna: About what?
Skye Thurston: Whose judgement is clouded.
Girish Navarathna: I see. I have told Mira to hold my article for the August issue.
Skye Thurston: well great. Like that never happened. Right, ok. good idea. I see.
Girish Navarathna: I had hoped to be able to celebrate one year with you on PP with that article... if we are not there, the article is just a mockery of what we had, and I don’t want anyone mocking you. I love you and I am with you. I mean every word of the vow that I mentioned in that article.
Skye Thurston: I love you too and it hurts that we are fighting over this.
Girish Navarathna: PP means a lot to me too... and I will be dishonest if I said I can give it up easily. It is going to take me time.
Skye Thurston: You think I’ve over reacted, I think you under. Then you’re really not with me. You think I am wrong. That is not being with me.
Girish Navarathna: Skye, I m with you and that is why I feel it important to share everything I feel with you. And yes I do think it’s wrong to give up our life that we build together due to one unsavoury incident, but we are a team.
Skye Thurston: I love you.. well I am not going back to PP. That is how I feel right now. Our love does not live on paradise. You don’t think we would have fallen in love anywhere else?
Girish Navarathna: That is not what I m saying and that is not what I think. In any case... we fell in love here and in that cave with the crazy foot rub that wouldn’t work.
Skye Thurston: You just didn’t want to rub my dirty feet. LOL
Girish Navarathna: You were wearing high heels.
Skye Thurston: lol I know hahaha You hated them.
Girish Navarathna: I have always hated them.
Skye Thurston: I actually wore shoes today on sl. Yep I love shoes! They make me feel sexy :-) And on sl they don’t hurt.
Girish Navarathna: :)

Girish Navarathna: How about a shower? Or are you sleepy?
Skye Thurston: No. Don’t you need to pack?
Girish Navarathna: It’s ok. I will manage… Most probably the eclipse will not be visible due to clouds. The message came yesterday. It has started raining there. That danger was always there.. it being July but rains had got delayed.
As they relaxed under a shower, Girish told Skye something from RL that had been weighing on his mind for a few days… about getting invitation for his ex girlfriend’s wedding engagement ceremony.
Skye Thurston: are you going to go?
Girish Navarathna: no I can’t.
Skye Thurston: I hear that.
Girish Navarathna: I m sidestepping that issue too :) Will send a present.
Skye Thurston: Well you don’t have to watch. That would be miserable. Yes, a present and a best wish.
Girish Navarathna: I have been trying very hard to focus away from it...
Girish just went on talking about how his ex girlfriend had always struggled against parental pressure, and won over each time… while he always stood on the sidelines, ready to step in if needed… but never had to…
Girish Navarathna: I m sorry.. I am talking too much... and totally absurd.. lol.
Skye Thurston: It’s ok love ...I understand. And me and my small sl problem are trivial. You are going through a lot in rl right now. You really don’t need this.
Girish Navarathna: You are my world, and its not just your problem.
Skye Thurston: I know I have been selfish again.
Girish Navarathna: Claiming property rights over a problem? lol Yes.. that’s very selfish!
Skye Thurston: No. My leaving PP, without a thought to your having to feel like you have to leave or how you need your peace and harmony.
Girish Navarathna: I will get over PP. It will take time, that’s all.. I am pulling you close... holding you tight... I want to live in your eyes :)
Skye snuggled closer to Girish… wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him deeply...
Leaving it to the reader’s imagination what happened at this point… :D. Later…

Girish Navarathna: Ok darling... go to bed. I will log off too.
Skye Thurston: I don’t want to.. lol I love you.
Girish Navarathna: I love you.... I can’t find my clothes!
Skye Thurston: lol Do you need them? hehe
Girish Navarathna: Fishing out the swimming trunks... just grabbed from the seal's teeth!
Skye Thurston: haha That’s a beaver.
Girish Navarathna: I don’t need clothes?
Skye Thurston: Well maybe :-) but just part of the time :-) When I am not in your pants, you can be.
Girish Navarathna: I love you... I love you ... I love you.
Skye Thurston: lol What did I do?
Girish Navarathna: I love you bossing over me ;)
Skye Thurston: lol Do you? We’ll get back to PP, then I am off to bed.
Girish Navarathna: mmm? Back? I m not going alone.
Skye Thurston: Can you not read? I am bossing you… Well.. drag me there kicking and screaming then!
Girish Navarathna: Skye...
Skye Thurston: I am not taking you away from PP ...I will deal with "the problem". Let’s go. It is not fair to you, so lets go… I am waiting for a tp, darling.
Girish Navarathna: I am speechless... totally no words at all...
Skye Thurston: mmm Well I am not completely selfish. I love you and want you to be happy.
Girish Navarathna: You are my shakti.
Skye Thurston: mmm Yes and you are my shiva.
Girish Navarathna: We will deal with the problem together... and we will win.
Skye Thurston: We already have, darling. Because we are here together :-)
Girish Navarathna: I love you... my precious...
Skye Thurston: I love you equally lol. Now are you going or not? to the eclipse?
Girish Navarathna: I know now... it will not rain on Wednesday :) I need to pack!!
Skye Thurston: yes the sky will be clear, lover. Yes, go pack. I love you.
Girish Navarathna: I love you I love you I love you.
Skye Thurston: kisses and kisses and more kisses.

Girish and Skye celebrated their first anniversary in August 2009. Not many couples in SL last as long as a year. They had not only lasted, but the romance seemed as fresh and exciting as on the day they first kissed each other!
Their respective RLs were very busy when they celebrated their anniversary. Things would be easing up a bit in September. So they decided to spend some time just with each other… take a month off from other things in SL, and be just with each other – as if on a honeymoon. But the honeymoon never happened. They both had no control over the terrible events that just kept on unfolding one after the other…
To be continued....
Girish Navarathna

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