Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Keys to Happiness (part 3)

A nice little trick I learned during my NLP training is something that is called 'reframing'. All it means is that every time I have an unhappy thought, either through something that has just happened, or through a memory of something unpleasant, I TURN IT AROUND to something happy. I don't give into my unhappiness and go 'down the hill', apparently helplessly, but I flip it over.
Look at the situation from all sides until you find something positive about it. Use your imagination, make it up if you must, it doesn't matter. Let me give you some examples of what happens to me sometimes and what I choose to think about it:
 It's raining outside: The garden will be thankful/ people living in places with drought, would  so appreciate this.:-). My friend is not online: Good, I have more time for XYZ project :-). I feel unwell: That sure makes me appreciate how well I feel most the time :-). You get the drift.
 Some people, if they find themselves thinking a negative comment, will say to themselves: STOP!....RETHINK!In the beginning this might seem awkward or silly, but after a while it will become automatic and with time, it will come automatic and WITH it will come an automatic good feeling . Things aren't 'good' or 'bad', they just 'are' and we choose how we want to think and feel about them, so I choose 'happy'.
One other, almost obvious thing to do that helps me feel better is to help someone else, who is seemingly in an even worse situation than myself. If I think, I'm unwell, poor, ill treated, lonely or whatever it may be, that has spoilt my mood,  it never fails to make me feel better if I take my mind off of my own misery and help another person, who in some way is less fortunate than myself. If you cannot actually help someone else then and there just comparing yourself to them, can make you realise, how fortunate you really are.
My book recommendation for the month is 'The Power' by Rhonda Byrne
Part 4 to follow next month
With Love
Miracle Masala

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