Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday meeting

Barbie, Sunshine, Miralee, Zobeid and Kodo towards the end.
I start with an exchange with a visitor who just happened to land near our meeting place, and is an example of how SOME people view the idea of 'art'.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Hi there Rachel
Rachel Corleone: hi!
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): hi Rachel 
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): hi rachel
Rachel Corleone: howdy!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Come and grab a cushion Rachel ... if you would like to join us.
Rachel Corleone: that depends what you're doing!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Well, we are going to be having a bit of a meeting … and talking about whether we think it's a good idea to have some kind of a selection process to accept members or just go on our instinct that someone will be a good fit
Rachel Corleone: i'm not a member, so i wouldn't know!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): or whatever other aspects of community/group/colony we want to talk about. You've been here a few times haven't you?
Rachel Corleone: yes, just snooping around though! i like exploring.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Well, just to give you a bit of history ...Perfect Paradise Community has been around for over six years,
Rachel Corleone: wow! that's a long time for an SL group.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): but I recently changed its focus to that of Paradise Artist Colony, as a place where creative folk could be / live / spend time and work on their various projects without having to worry about having to rattle the tin to pay their monthly tier.
Rachel Corleone: that's another strike against me... i've no artistic abilities!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Well, you would be surprised. There is an art to everything! Hanging out the washing, dancing, cooking, relating to people. The way we express ourselves is art.
Rachel Corleone: so what's an example of something that ISN'T art?
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): lol … Trying to think … Can anyone think of anything?
Rachel Corleone: that's the trouble with wide concepts!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Our creativity is expressed in so many different ways ... even a lack of creativity is an expression of something. What do you like doing Rachel?
Rachel Corleone: exploring, dancing, swimming, for the most part!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): so in doing that you are absorbing the colours, and sounds and 'feelings' of what you experience and it creates in you, some kind of a feeling. Don't you agree?
Rachel Corleone: hmm... some griefers are very creative... but you wouldn't want to invite them! and they sure create feelings in me!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing. But anyway ...if you would like to participate you are welcome … if you want to explore ... that's fine too.
Rachel Corleone: hmm... it sounds too complicated for my limited intellect!
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Oh, okay ...
Rachel Corleone: i'll come back later and hear what you figured out… have fun!
I included this exchange because I think it highlights how some people feel about the idea of 'art' … as though it is something that doesn't really relate to them and they may perhaps feel a bit daunted by.
Now on to the discussion part of the meeting:
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): At last week's meeting, Shambala asked if we were going to vet potential members. I know that the Spirit Dance Company has a very strict selection policy … and members have to apply to join and make commitments to dedicate a certain amount of time to rehearsals etc. And I think Shambala Sanctuary also has some kind of application process, so I thought it might be a good idea to see what we all thought about what we should do here.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): there should be some screening
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro) nods. What are our expectations of members? What do we 'give'? And what would we like back?
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I guess my feeling is that because we give people a place to call 'home' ... I wouldn't like to see people just setting up camp here without any kind of connection to what we are doing here.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): we give help and assist with there project
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro) nods … I also like the idea of mentoring people,
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): they should display their work for others to see
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): yes mentoring is good
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I also liked what Shambala said about muses:
"The Muses are the goddesses of inspiration of literature, mysterious realms & the arts. They are considered the source of the knowledge related orally for centuries, hidden within poetic brilliance, lyrics, myths, art & music.
We inspire, whisper in your ear, encourage, unlock the secrets held within you, tease, entice, tickle, playfully coerce, sing, dance, delight & raise expectations everywhere we go... be careful though... we might transform your life beyond all recognition. Don't be afraid, you only have a world of hidden treasures to gain."
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): yes
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Rachel before ... was a perfect example of someone who is shy about "I'm not artistic", when everyone is expressive in some way ... I think anyway. (Even if their chosen form of expression is to be a smart arse or whatever ... lol)
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): yeah everybody is good at something
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): i was thinking give people trial time to see if they like it or we them
Zobeid Zeurra: When you start setting qualifications or some sort of test, that will immediately put off some fraction of people. Even if they are ones who would easily pass your process... Some percentage just don't like it and won't even apply.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro) nods … Yes, I agree ...
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): me too
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): People already say, "Oh, but I'm not very artistic" and I myself wouldn't like to have to be put through a vetting process.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I'm quite happy for us all to go on intuition and invite anyone we think would fit in, or would like it here, BUT the thing is I don't want to have to be the one who comes along in six months time and says, "This person isn't really working out and I have to be the one to ask them to relinquish their home spot here or or the group or whatever. So I think it's fair that whomever invites someone to join the group, if that person doesn't work out, the person who invited them in, has to be the person who deals with getting them to give up their camp here etc.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): yes i agree
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Unless of course, we have someone who comes along, who wants to take care of 'membership issues'.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): its only fair
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I like the idea of helping people to see that there is art in just about everything we do. A kind of 'Zen' way of looking at life.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): true some people it doesnt bother them to tell people to go
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Ideally, and eventually, I hope that we get people here who like to take on responsibility for lots of different aspects of the colony.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Okay …. So do we feel the way to go is just with our intuition? And any of us can invite anyone to join Paradise Artist colony?
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): hmm I prefer that yes
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro) nods … Yeah, me too … and I also think it would be useful to have some kind of 'guidelines' for what we do, and how we like to operate etc. What kind of 'guidelines' do we have so that if someone says, "What happens here?" we can tell them?
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): wasnt that what we talked about to put in a blog on a home page
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Yeah Barbie … Because if people see ARTIST COLONY they could think, "Oh well that's not me", so we have to define ourselves in a way that encourages people to explore what we are about a bit more.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): you can see what I wrote about Sunvibes might help to find ideas to create a notecard … so I add LM, website, Facebook, Events, Flickr and other online picture galleries
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Yes, lots of info.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): i will put on blog
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): This is what we have as a notecard for people who land here:
More than just a place - PARADISE ARTIST COLONY @ PERFECT PARADISE is a community of creative people, living on a natural island with the aim of fostering creative pursuits wherever possible.
It is a meeting place where values of art, music, literature, performing arts, cultural ideals, peace, respect, consensus and love are highly valued.
Everyone is welcomed to share in these ideals - to take off their shoes and bling, and just BE.
Paradise is what we all create together. The form our society takes is entirely up to us. Anyone who feels at home here, and shares our values of co-operative living and resolving our differences through consensus, is welcome.
PERFECT PARADISE COMMUNITY was established in May 2008 as a social experiment to see whether it was possible for people from all over the world to come together and create a new kind of ideal society.
In June 2014, the focus was changed to being a group dedicated to the encouragement of creativity and providing a home
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): for artists, musicians, performers, literary and creative folk so they could concentrate on their craft, and not on raising money to pay for a home here in Second Life. Thus, PARADISE ARTIST COLONY @ PERFECT PARADISE was born.
At this stage, until the group decides otherwise ...
1. To encourage everyone to develop their creativity in whatever field they are interested in - music, art, literature, plays, performing, juggling or whatever. If it expresses your happiness, that's wonderful.
2. To strive for honest, caring relationships with one another in a natural environment.
3. To create a new kind of society where everyone is accepted for who they are and what they have to offer.
4. To provide a place of sanctuary for those who need to heal.
5. To be open to new ways of being - to explore.
6. We remain idealistic - to always imagine what might be possible and we trust one another to have each other's best interests at heart.
7. To take personal responsibility for moving
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): the colony / community forward, for continuing its growth.
1. We share our knowledge and our skills - we try and mentor someone to help them develop their creative craft.
2. Each member makes a commitment to teach one thing a year - be it a language, a skill, a cultural belief, an esoteric practice or a way of being.
3. We support one another in our endeavours, by attending events or activities that are organised by members.
4. We collaborate with one another on a range of activities and projects, making a commitment as a group to work on at least one or two group projects a year.
5. We honour our community by respecting its values and living by them. If these values are violated, we hold those responsible accountable for their actions and approach the conflict with love and understanding.
6. We try new things, new ways of being. We explore together what is possible, and being gentle and kind with one another always. Accepting that for some, change may not be comfortable..
7. Where there are a range of options available, we use the process of consensus, where everyone's point of view is taken into consideration, to come to agreement. We resolve disputes patiently and amicably.
IN THE MEANTIME, here are some places on Perfect Paradise Island, that you might like to visit (with several landmarks attached)."
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): °͜° this is great … can I have a copy?
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Sure ... you should get that as our notecard when you arrive here.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): ah ok … great 
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): I think there should be a short and a long version
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): But our description on our land is much, much shorter:
"A natural home for artists, musicians, dancers, singers, writers, poets, photographers, actors, storytellers, spiritual and expressive folk. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, philosophy, star gazing and stimulating conversation with caring, welcoming friends."
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): ah nice … sounds like a place I'd love to check out ;o)
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): But that of course, doesn't cover just people who don't see themselves as being particular artistic or creative. So basically, what we need to bring in, is some way of encouraging people who wouldn't regard themselves as a musician or an artist or a dancer or whatever ... but someone who has a love or joy of those things ... to still feel a part of what we are doing here.
Zobeid Zeurra: My friend Gwyn has a theory that people without a creative streak don't generally stick with SL over the long run.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): one can't exist without the other
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Oh, okay Zo
Kodo 2014 (Kodo Islay): yeh true
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Yeah, that sounds right … You either 'get' SL or you don't.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): yes they might find it very boring
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): they might prefer WOW or other games
Zobeid Zeurra: She says people who are passive and expect to be entertained soon lose interest, but those who can entertain themselves find much here to work with.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): That sounds exactly right Zo ...
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I would love to meet your friend. She sounds exactly like the sort of person who would fit in here. A thinker!
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): basically its like "creative television" ;D you are sitting in front of a screen
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Yea, that's what I tell people ... it's like being in a movie that you direct the action in.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): but you create what you see … you participate in the tv
Zobeid Zeurra: here's her site BTW -->
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Okay … bookmarking.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): yohoooo … nice site
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): We had a talk here many years ago by Pamala Clift about the different ways of being here in SL. I'd really like it if your friend wanted to give a talk here on how people interact with SL. Because, until I had heard Pamala Clift's theories, I hadn't actually given it much thought.
Zobeid Zeurra: Hmm, that would be pretty cool. I could mention that to her.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): i see it a great place to meet frieans from all over
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): What do you come to SL for Zo?
Zobeid Zeurra: The main thing is the discussion events that I attend every week. Also I spend way too much time fiddling with my av.  Also do some exploring. And picture taking. I have used SL as a graphical tool before.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I just love being visually stimulated.
Zobeid Zeurra: SL photography is almost like its own art form. I have done a bit of building and scripting too.
Zobeid Zeurra: But… I think it's those events that actually keep bringing me back. That's my anchor in SL.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident): yes i love photography here
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I love being stimulated visually, artistically, intellectually, spiritually ... romantically. I would love to have at least two really good discussions here a week. On any subject ... science, religion, politics, the environment, health ... anything! In this new group ... my aim is to find people who would like to take on co-ordinating roles in as many fields as possible. Rather than me do it all.
barbie (barbiedoll25 Resident) nods
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Which has a two-fold result ...others get a chance to experience what it's like to 'run' a particular group and get to explore all sorts of avenues of expression and I don't feel resentful that I'm the only one 'putting in' energy and effort to 'entertain' others.
PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): That's why it's so good to have Bertram and Sunshine and Zen and Strix and Barbie and Mika and Messy ... all running their own shows.

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