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Cheryl Long7:16pm Sep 23
SINCE RobertDuke Drascoll decided to postpone his "Rob's Ramblings" until next week, several of us decided to just have our own little conversation about spirituality and various other subjects.

It seemed a good conversation to share, so here is one of those "CONVERSATIONS THAT YOU MISSED" (edited for brevity):

"ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: We could introduce to each others ^^ . As mira already mentioned I am new to this wonderful group and work as a healer in RL and here in Paradise as well. I love to chat about spiritual topics & love to give healing sessions for all being who are in need of emotional or physical healing

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: So as a healer and spiritual active lightworker i wonder if one of you ( or more then one ^^ ) experienced situations in your life that can be called spiritual or that can not be explained by science ? Its my favorite topic ^^ always amazing to chat about these expereinces

Solidspace Merlin: ive woken up levitating before shiny

Sonja Kowalski: yes lots of ㋡

PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): I can remember a time when I had just parted from someone I really loved and going on a journey away from them, and being terribly upset and crying and grief stricken … but also feeling so very spiritually pure. Because at a time like that ... all the bullshit falls away and what you are left with is purity of soul ... that's how I felt anyway.

darcon Xue: I think have it all the time that I am used to it :-)

Solidspace Merlin: nods

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Sounds to me like the person you left was using a lot of your energy and when you left him that stoped and therefore you had more energy and felt better then before .

Miralee Munro: Well, I think our lives get filled up with lots of 'rubbish' ... and when you strip all that away, what you have left is a purity.

Solidspace Merlin: yeah i cant explain why i woke up levitiating in the air … could be aliens … could be my smart meter

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: smart meter ?

Solidspace Merlin: yes they are wifi meters for electricity

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: oh okay , could be a unintended astral journey as well, did you looked upwards or back to the bed ?

Solidspace Merlin: i was on my back beside my bed and i asked myself am i astral projecting and then straight after i had that thought i was rolled over to my side and saw i was not in my bed … and its weird all these strange experience it's as if they want me to tell everyone

linday Landar: you can be medium

Sonja Kowalski: all people are their own medium

Solidspace Merlin: yes i can be very psychic at times

Sonja Kowalski: we can learn all see clear … feel with our hearts … and open to the other world

linday Landar: but not of all have the gift … some ppl have special gift … they cann see what you can't

Solidspace Merlin: i have so much creativity like i just created 7 music albums in the past 9 months

Sonja Kowalski: sure we are all gifted but different

Miralee Munro: I would think it would be incredibly overwhelming to have these sorts of things happening to you Solid.

darcon Xue: all have the gift, but most of us not use it

Solidspace Merlin: yes and no mira it has been a gradual expansion

Miralee Munro: Solid is an incredible guitarist. Do you have a link that you can share with us Solid, so that everyone can hear you playing guitar?

Sonja Kowalski: its nice to be very spiritual but what most gonna do is forget the basics and life normal … they get all problems at end … fly to hight

linday Landar: congratulation solispace

Solidspace Merlin: yes my music albums can be found @

linday Landar: my grandfather was musician teacher … now i would like to hear the work of solidspace

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Yes and that individuality is what makes every single being on its own the most precious in all the universes , because there is no other being exactly the same like us

Sonja Kowalski: we all are the same we are all one ㋡ … we make different choices

Solidspace Merlin: there are infinite characteristics to love

Miralee Munro: What is that saying? "Be yourself ... everyone else is taken." lol

Solidspace Merlin: laughs
linday Landar: I think that

Miralee Munro: It puts things in to perspective. For me, the most important thing is to be accepted for who I am.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident laughs. , also very much love this one " Love is the only "thing" you give to others and doubles while you give to others "

Solidspace Merlin: well i have had someone sit on my mind and i think they resisted and made it feel uncomforatable to prove a point and so we can be at total oneness but with infinite holographic time and space on our side we dont always need to be holding gods hand

linday Landar: most of the ppl are so busy to create things are so empty, having house, car career,, family is center of everything and not all families are so good too,, sometimes we need to stop and thinking there are otehr things so important to do ,, like give a little of us someone or share with others

Miralee Munro: I had an experience once where I thought I was going to levitate. I was in a healing circle, and this woman was standing behind me, giving me a treatment and I honestly felt that I was going to levitate. And I thought, "What should I do? If I turn around and say to the woman, "I'm going to levitate now!" it would kill the moment, but if I didn't say anything, maybe I will just fall back on to the floor … lol

Miralee Munro: I did start to lean back, ready to levitate ... and the woman gently pushed me back up right. At the end of the treatment I told her what I was feeling, but of course the moment was lost. Who knows? Maybe I would have levitated. Has anyone ever done that? Levitated?

linday Landar: what kind of feelings did you have when you levitated?

Sonja Kowalski: when cumming :D
Miralee Munro: Oh, you are lucky Sonja.
Solidspace Merlin: not intentionally mira
ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: ^^ laughs

Miralee Munro: I didn't actually levitate Linday .... I just felt like I was going to. But it was very strong feeling that I could have.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: I did fly in shamanic journey together with my power animals who took me with them to show me their world

Miralee Munro: How wonderful Shiny. Had you taken anything Shiny? In the way of a hallucinogenic?

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Yes it was great ^..^ , it all started with taking part in that beginner shamanic journey seminary years ago ( no )

Solidspace Merlin: i've journeyed to the center of the universe before, while doing an ananda meditation and recieved a universal download which was white light flashin on and off in my brain, so ive taken that as one day i will write a book or give talks or maybe even a channeling, but all of my spiritual knowledge has lead me to the realisation of how do to define absolute reality which is that we are all on a journey without distance in the energeticalyl linked eternal moment of now

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: ( in my opinion the only way to expereince a spiritual expereince for real and with all your senses clean so you can surely know that all you expereinced was really happened is not to take anything halölucinogenic )

linday Landar: do you believe ppl can talk with spirits?

Miralee Munro: Mmmmmm ... well several times I have heard my name shouted out really loudly and gone to the door but there is no one there. That feels like spirits shouting out to get my attention. Has that happened to anyone else?

linday Landar: do you believe you can contact with someone who can know things that you cant see,, like tarot reader

Mialee Munro: That I can contact them, Linday? Or that I believe in what they tell me?

linday Landar: well,, i can't contact with spirits,,but i can look for someone who can. right??

Miralee Munro: Yes, there are lot of people who say they can connect with the spirit world.

Ande (Ande Shepherd) nods

Miralee Munro: I've been to several clairvoyants, of varying abilities.

linday Landar: long time i didnt believe on it,, ppl could talk with spirits or could contact with other dimension it wasn't in earth ,, until one day,, i felt so bad,, and feelings something wasn't right with me,,

Ande (Ande Shepherd): what's the best way to tell if they're genuine?

Miralee Munro: Well, when something that tell you will happen in the future, does happen.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: The place we did the shamanic journey however was not the most appropriate one , it was a room right next to a office. We lay down on our rugs, the room was darkened then the drumming began. First shamanic journey was about finding our place of power , worked great for me , i saw some temple i still use as a place of power. When the drumming signal for returning was sounded some of the other people taking part ini it however said they was unable to get in the shamanic trance because the phone would have rang several times , so i was that far away that i did not hear it ringing.

Miralee Munro: Yes, I'm very sensitive to noise ... so any distraction like that would have really rattled me.

Miralee Munro: That sounds wonderful Shiny ... I have a beautiful crystal clear pool of water that I used to swim in, as my special place.

Miralee Munro: I wonder if we could do that here Shiny? Do a shamanic journey some time.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Sure we can ^..^

Miralee Munro: I had another experience ... if people want to hear ...
Solidspace Merlin: nods
linday Landar: yes, please

Miralee Munro): I was asleep in a little cabin I used to live in and I woke suddenly with a really strong feeling that someone else was there but when I turned over, I had the sensation that they had 'bobbed down' so that I wouldn't get a fright and I immediately knew that they were friendly because they didn't want to frighten me.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Some minutes later we all started our second shamanic journey this time with the intention to find and get in contact with our power animals. The second shamanic journey was even more interesting then the first one . My power animal friends was so happy to communicate with me again that they almost run me over , they was so very happy to see and hear me ^^

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: I talked to them for about an hour wondering why the journey was not finsihed jet and after that i asked them to show me their world , the lower world ( what is not the same as the underworld ) wonderful nature all over , all kind of landscape and powerr animals living everywhere "down there "

Miralee Munro: It really does sound wonderful Shiny. Such a wonderful journey. So what kind of animals did you have with you Shiny?

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: The most interesting thing however was that when i got back only 25 mins had passed but i spend hours in the spiritual realm

Solidspace Merlin: ive never experienced lost time

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: My power animal friends are falcon, dragon, unicorn, phoenix. I know all of them form past lives that is why they did decide to be my spirit guides in this life , because we were friends in past lifes .

darcon Xue: :-)
Sonja Kowalski: ㋡
linday Landar: :-)

Miralee Munro: I really love having flying dreams too … although I haven't had one for a long long time. Mmmmm ... past life and reincarnation have always been things that I haven't really delved in to.

Ande (Ande Shepherd): Miralee... how long did you sense they were there?

Solidspace Merlin: hearing these stories reminds me of my alien encounters mira

Miralee Munro: It was an immediate thing Ande, nohting more than feeling someone was there, and they had bobbed down out of sight, so I wouldn't get scared.

Miralee Munro: And knowing that they didn't want to frighten me, reassured me that I had nothing to be scared of.

linday Landar: I think it is not spirits doing bad with us but yes the alive ppl

Miralee Munro: What kind of spiritual experiences have you had Zen?

Zen (Zen Arado): I guess everything is a spiritual experience really, depends how you look at it

linday Landar: yes, connected with someone by internet can be spiritual experience,, you are share your own soul to someone and he or she does the same,, so you can know someone without seeing or touch,, you can love too

Zen (Zen Arado): all of this is a miracle

Miralee Munro: It is, isn't it? All being in different places, all over the planet, and sitting here together, chatting.

Zen (Zen Arado): we try to reduce it to categories and concepts and think every day will be the same but every day is a new mystery
Solidspace Merlin: its interesting to think we are in different places when we travel 465 meters per second because the world is spining so fast
Miralee Munro: I heard something the other day about the poles changing?
Zen (Zen Arado): so many theories
Solidspace Merlin: idk mira i am hopeful of it

Then, conversation changed to politics.

Miralee Munro: If only we could just open up the world and let everyone find a new, safe, home.

Zen (Zen Arado): open borders … most people would be scared of that

Miralee Munro: There's certainly enough money in the world to re-distribute it more fairly.

Zen (Zen Arado): we prefer to hold onto our property and wealth and not share it perhaps

darcon Xue: just give equal opportunities to everyone and they will not need to leave their contries

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: Yes that would be awesome no ore boundaries and all people one nation earth people , we see that cultures can nicely coexist and learn from each others differences .

Zen (Zen Arado): many poorer countries for prayer because they have corrupt political leaders, and they get rid of one and another one just takes their place

Miralee Munro: It may take a world wide revolution

darcon Xue: if someone is needing is because someone is holding

darcon Xue: it no need revolution, it needs a rebellion

Miralee Munro): What is the difference Darcon? Between a revolution and a rebellion?

darcon Xue: revolution you have to take in weapons

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: both is violent and i dont think that peace can ever be founded on violence

darcon Xue: a rebelion you can do alone

Miralee Munro: Like civil disobedience?

darcon Xue: yes

Miralee Munro: Well, the good thing is that we have incredibly improved communications now, the whole world can stay in touch via social media and phones, so it's easy to organise people.

darcon Xue: it not need to organise people … the change have to be of awareness

Miralee Munro: Well, I think people are aware now … but to a large degree it's a "sit on your bum and talk about it" awareness

darcon Xue: each person is responsible

Solidspace Merlin: wisdom is knowledge applied

darcon Xue: that thing of good and evil that put us all in troble

darcon Xue: we are a family

Miralee Munro: Well, it's hard not to see someone who has the opposite point of view as being 'wrong' or misguided or stubborn or whatever ... at least it is for me.

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident): Yes all of us have a spiritual fammily , people who are very likeminded , sometimes spirits as well like my power animal friends

Solidspace Merlin: shiny would you call them soul creatures

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: power animals = soul creatures , hmm not really no

Solidspace Merlin: nods … i wrote an album titled soul creature with a feature track titled alien baby soul creature … for me it means that the alien baby is not of the dualistically geared nature

ShinyWhiteDragon Resident: hmm i guess soul creature is what all of us are creatures physical bodies ) that are moved and controlled by our soul

Solidspace Merlin: nods

Solidspace Merlin: i dont believe in the physical realm per se but a revision like quantum mechanics has done for classical physics

Miralee Munro: I was a lazy student ... I didn't go down the science path at all ... I went with typing instead. lol

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