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Saturday meeting

Cheryl Long4:32pm Aug 31
(not so much a meeting, but a general chat about art and music)


Barbie, Strix, Zen, GreatScott, Colleen, Joel and Miralee


Mira: I was thinking about this the other day ... how art and science are similiar. The Art of Cooking as opposed to The Science of Cooking, The Art of Hanging Clothes on the Line and The Science of Hanging Clothes on the Line.
Mira: The Beauty and The Practicality of things.
barbie: yes they are similar and different at the same time
Mira: how everything has a beauty, but also a science as well.
Strix: The right amount of salt is interesting - the most tasty amount is the amount that keeps the body in balance in usual, but you can change the body and make it dependent.
Mira: We were talking about that because we were discussing how some people are interested in THE ADMINISTRATION of a group, and others just like to be involved in the social aspect only.
Zen: yeh I hate admin. I know it is necessary
Mira: Well, I don't mind doing admin, so at least SOMEONE can do it in our group

Mira: Oh, that reminds me, we have a new member who is a musician, another French musician
Strix: named ?
Zen: who is that Mira?
Mira: Joel who is also Xfailed - Xfailed Villota
Strix: i admin live musicians thats all for me
Zen: here he is now well
Mira: Zen speaks a little French Joel.
Joel: I use the translator
Mira: Perhaps you would like to tell us about your work, Joel?
Joel: I am an amateur musician
Zen: comme moi
Strix: quell instrument
Joel: keyboard
Strix: A comme Sandia
Zen: great
Zen: piano?
Mira: Joel, do you have a sample of your music that you can share with us now?
Zen: I compose on a DAW
Joël: yes


Strix: Perhaps make thursday a piano evening
GreatScott: listening
Strix: hmmm … thinking on when it suits
Zen: that's more like ambient music on a DAW
Strix: it is dance music
Zen: ambient house
Strix: sounds more like friday stuff
Zen: I like it though
Mira: The whole point of having an artist colony, is to experiment and share and create together. It's not just about being entertained.
Zen: yeh I don't like rigid categories
Strix: I am thinking on the mood we might be in
Mira: That was really atmospheric Joel.
Zen: music is changing fast nowadays
GreatScott McMillan: well i tend to be a bit of a monstrosity with my ideas and things... better for me to listen
GreatScott McMillan: thank you Joel
Mira: lol A monstrosity?
Strix: uh ?
Mira: But that's just the thing ... it's about sharing our creativity or being stimulated.

Zen: this is my stream on Soundcloud:

Colleen McMillan: awesome
Zen: I like to experiment with many styles and it's great we have the means to do that now form a computer. Wish I was young again almost :) such exciting times we live in.
GreatScott McMillan: what I mean is I have a tendency to step on toes lol

Joel: I recently made live on my youtube channel -

Strix: I usually don't like techno style but i liked Joël's
Zen: ah those are nice !
Mira: Lovely, Joel!
Zen: playing synth
Strix: I like it for late night dancing
GreatScott McMillan: so is everyone a musician here today?
Mira: Nooooooo …. Just Zen, Strix and Joel
GreatScott McMillan: ahh
Mira: Barbie is a photographer
Colleen McMillan: pretty song
Mira: Yeah, I really like it
Zen: I only have a little 25 key keyboard
GreatScott McMillan: good job everyone
Mira: I've just put up an exhibition of my real life photos from my travels and life. It's all about 'sharing our art' in whatever form that might take.
Zen: good beat for dancing
Strix: I am working on RL photos as well
Mira: All life is the art of something - The Art of Cooking, or Hanging Clothes on the Line to dry

Joel: I done live on my shoutcast -

Joel: I test on sounds
Mira: That was really good Joel ... we'll have to see if Strix can organise you into his program of performances here, if you are interested.

Zen: I only have one track on YouTube.. just to see if I could make a video

Joël: I'm not very good live recording I made SEVERAL for the good sounds
Mira: Well, it doesn't have to be live ... it can be just about sharing.
GreatScott McMillan: ok... so if all of life is some form of art... then why Art? why are we on earth the only ones who see and appreciate art?
Mira: Well, how do we know the ants don't do the same?
Colleen McMillan: hehe
Mira: I've often thought that we could be just like ants ... thinking that OUR LIFE is what the world is all about, just like the ants do.
GreatScott McMillan: ant have behavior... mammals are aware of behavior... but humans are conscious of the fact that we are aware because they are pre-programmed to follow a set of rigid guidlines
Mira: But how do we know that ants are not aware?
Zen: maybe art is something we enjoy that is not useful
Strix: Joëls music is good to have after Zen on friday
Mira: Yeah, we could do that ... although by that time, people are starting to drift away ... off to bed.
Zen: we could have something on Saturdays
Colleen McMillan: i like the jungle beat..thank you Zen
Zen: isn't perfect paradise a nice background for music?
GreatScott McMillan: ya good stuff! Glad there are so many music makers out there
Strix: Saturdays after the meeting
Zen: isn't perfect paradise a nice background for music?
Mira: Yeah, we could do that.
Zen: I never learned piano..I played classical guitar
Strix: I started training on Clair du lune lol
Zen: need to learn keyboard for DAW and need music theory too
Zen: you can correct mistakes on a DAW
GreatScott McMillan: you don't need music theory - music theory is a good way to mess up music
Mira: Well, you guys could get together and create together
Zen: yeh I agree … I don't like it but find I need some
GreatScott McMillan: ya it is a weird thing Zen... it is one of those pieces of information that doesn't actually help music at all... because some of the best music on earth was made by people who knew nothing... yet in the past music theory was responsible for almost all forms of music
Strix: now we get into the science of cooking and the art of cooking again, both are interesting in its own way
Colleen McMillan: greatscott is a muscian also
Mira: I was thinking about this when I was hanging clothes on the line the other day, for some reason, I just find it satisfying to have my clothes hanging in colours
Strix: Pythagoras was the founder of music theory
Zen: it helps me with chord structures

GreatScott McMillan:

Zen: people used to buy sheet music to play at home in the old days
GreatScott McMillan: since we're sharing some music
Colleen McMillan: that is how I learned to play piano was sheet music
Zen: is that you Scott?
GreatScott McMillan: it's me
Zen: guitar?
GreatScott McMillan: i love how well you can just sit and play a song on the piano with sheet music
Mira: Oh, you play piano Colleen? You should come and listen to Sandia ... I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Colleen McMillan: I can- but I don't because I don't have one- I took grade 8 piano
Strix: Sandia is super
GreatScott McMillan: i can play any instrument on earth pretty much... but enjoy the guitar the most
GreatScott McMillan: guitar
Zen (Zen Arado): yeh me too
Strix: guitar and bass is mine
Mira: Wow! These are all your songs Scott?
GreatScott McMillan: yes they are
Zen: I can't play now because my hands are too weak
GreatScott McMillan: the art from the album cover is Colleen
Zen: I liked classical guitar the most


GreatScott McMillan: i have a few clssical guitar songs
Strix: that is my video


Zen: I must set up a website
Mira: Well, there you are Strix ... all this musical talent right here.
Zen: I only started composing a year ago
Joël: I just looking for a guitarist to me solo
Zen: great Strix
Strix: I can add a guitar solo
GreatScott McMillan: actually Colleen sings on one of the tunes on my list, in the song... "The Horseman"
Mira: Can't keep up with all this musical marvellousness!
GreatScott McMillan: it was one of her poems that we turned into a song
Mira: How wonderful to collaborate on creative work together.
GreatScott McMillan: i'll post it after hearing the last tune
Zen: in the old days many people played musical instruments, then it all became too professionalized
Mira: I like the guitar playing on the second one Strix
GreatScott McMillan: you can't professionalize ROCK!
Zen: now the computer is allowing ordinary people to play again

GreatScott McMillan:

GreatScott McMillan: OK here is the horseman by Colleen
Zen: yeh but it's like there was a great gap between pros and amateurs
Strix: if you have facebook then join my page

Strix the naked Musicman (Strix6 Resident):

Mira: Great guitar playing
GreatScott McMillan: i just love your Voice Colleen
Zen: I love guitar
Mira: and your voice too Colleen - very sweet. What fun to work together!
Zen: I wouldn't have the nerve to sing
Strix: you must have worked a lot with that
GreatScott McMillan: pretty much all of her poems lend themselves to song it is awesome
Zen: must get Autotune :)
GreatScott McMillan: nope... Colleen doesn't use autotune at all. We record everything free... just lots of tracks
Strix: i hear it, is not autotune
Zen: no but you don't need it, I would :)
Mira: You sound about 16, Colleen
Colleen McMillan: lol … eek, nope am 41, but THANKS!
Strix: you sound teen lol
Mira: You have such a sweet voice
Zen: yeh you sound like a pro singer
GreatScott McMillan: perhaps you need to put a face to that voice…

GreatScott McMillan:

Strix: I got it to use on other sounds than a human voice
Strix: I want to use a flute in one song but the flute is out of
GreatScott McMillan: flute is difficult Strix

Mira: Okay … since you have all been sharing your music with us, would you like to come up in to the art pods and see what Barbie and I have been doing?
Zen (Zen Arado): main thing ..making music is great fun
Mira: Barbie is our official photographer for the island and encourages people to take photos of places she has taken photos, to get a collection of the same scene.
Zen: lovely photos
Strix: The earlies photographers were upper class women wanting something to do
GreatScott McMillan: i like all the contrast
GreatScott McMillan: very emotive
Strix: I am good at flowers and insects
Mira: I'll meet you all over in the other pod when you've finished here.

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