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I have Spent Some Time Trying to put my passion about the HIV / AIDS issue and what it means clustering to me into words. To Do That I will share with you my real life story.
My best childhood friend "DJ" Was a free spirited girl, always jumping from one adventure to the next. In the winter of 1995, DJ and I were in the the last weeks of our first semester of college, When DJ started to complain of Being tired and not feeling well. Within a Few weeks DJ was in. the hospital with a diagnosis of Histoplasmosis, an infection due to her newly Diagnosed HIV + status. A once vibrant 18 year old left the hospital on a cold winter day with a bag full of perscriptions, a heart full of sadness and three new words in her vocabulary, human immunodeficiency virus.

She Spent Many months in denial, in mourning and depression in order from That cam strength, balance and inner fire is not to leave this earth before she created a legacy.
From this cam my own passion HIV / AIDS awareness and prevention for.

Upon entering Second Life I was suprised That There Were only a handful of people in this virtual world spreading awareness of HIV and AIDS. I feel Second Life is a global platform to teach and to learn from fantastic. This November we hope to do Just That, teach and spread awareness so people learn the tools of prevention. Last but not least raise a LOT of great lindens for two organisms.

In honor of World AIDS Day (December 1, 2009) myself, Caspian Inglewood and a crew of excited Volunteers Will hold a weekend concert event to honor World AIDS Day and the many faces of HIV / AIDS.
On November 27 & 28, 2009 at the campfire of Kannonji Zen Retreat from 12 pm to midnight PDT we will feature an amazing collection of Second Life artist.
All money raised at the event Will Be Donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation and Maitri Compassionate Care.

Maitri Compassionate Care, 24 hour hospice care center for men and women with AIDS, and the Stephen Lewis Foundation supports community-based Have you organisms in Africa and Provides care to women and children are living with HIV Have you / AIDS

If anyone Would like to donate to the Stephen Lewis Foundation Directly, I have setup an online donation page for the event at:

So, what does HIV / AIDS awareness mean to me? To me awareness equals saving lifes and to me there is nothing more significant to me Than That.

Teann Bellic

The Life of a Ribbon 
By: Debra Campbell, age 17

 It stands pinned to my wool overcoat
A vibrant shade of red
It is there to warn us and keep us aware,
Purpose it stands alone
It is Beginning to fray at the edges 

Yesterday my ribbon fell off
I lost it
It is now gone forever
If we do not find a cure for this virus soon,
Many more Will Be gone forever too 

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