Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hurricane of reason

There is a hurricane of reason coming to a
Perfect Paradise
a rising tide of deathly wear,
calm as the eyes of storms.
A raging sirocco wind whirling dervish
in the minds of the peaceable marooned.

the question hang like ancient Sanskrit
on washing lines of possibilities.
Survival or disaster Chosen
presented from the array,
torn apart for piecing together again
by reasonable and not imagining.

Virtual loneliness and isolation in social vortices,
cyclonic casting debacles of unknown tragedies into real time.
honesty giving way to a death sentence
Where Life hangs on virtual applications and little primitive,
thought through prior to the mystery.

How does this work?

That Asks Who already knows not aim Pretends
That They Understand the outcomes.

Games about real disaster
only cement our capacity for wishing to win -
That Which we cannot conceive of surviving
if the imagination Proved Truth.

Mikele Ihnen

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