Sunday, November 1, 2009


Once again we find the moving year, the zodiac slowly turns over us all, 12 signs, 12 months. Do we really ever watch it and whats going on? 
Even in a peaceful place like our island i sit and watch so much Husle and bustle going on. People moving from group to group, talks and discusions, hugs and love making. No one ever stopping to sit and think; Why?
Each person is like a fish moving from school to school, Some fit in perfectly, flitting around, others only stay near a Few people. Why?
Why do we Spend Each Day like this? Do we ever stop to watch the Zodiac turn? Or to watch it turn within U.S.?
Sitting here, watching the people walk and talk and laugh and learn. Its like watching Some sort of celestial clock Within Each of Them, tick tock tick tock, running the clock work of their Minds contents, each one giving 'em a single operation.
And yet, we sl Some follow the basic patterns That rule all underling thesis Behaviours and only basics, no other extra clock work to gice em a personality. These, all match Zodiac.
How odd is that?
Veksyn Raviprakash

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