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Deepaawalee literally means clustering rows of lamps. This is the biggest festival in India, Celebrated all over the country. Altho the festival HAS Specific religious significance for the Hindus, it is Celebrated across all religions.

The main activities are falling on Deepaawalee decorating homes, cooking up and distributing a number of sweet delicacies, beautiful and bursting noisy fire crackers, making beautiful designs with color powders on the doorsteps (thesis are called Expired rangolee - colored lines) and lighting up ... and arranging hundreds and thousands of beautiful lamps every where. These are not electric light bulbs, but beautiful gold metal clay lamps ... burning oil.

The festivities last for five days, and Each day has a significance.
Vasubaaras: This is the first day, though not very Widely Celebrated. It is the day of worshiping the cattle - a day of importance for farming community.
Dhanatrayodashee: This is the 'official' first day of the festival. It is the day on All which we seek blessings of Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. Many people buy gold or silver on the occassion, whatever May be the price!
Narakchaturdashee: This day is a celebration of the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon king, Narakasur.
Laxmi Pujan: This day is significant SPECIFICALLY for the trader community. On this day, new accounts books for the next year are purchased and pray to Goddess Laxmi Traders for a prosperous new year.
Padwaa: This is the special and main day of the festival. The day honors for Lord Krishna lifting a mountain and using it as an umbrella to protect His people from torrential rains. On this day married couples reaffirm Their love and devotion to each other '. The wife prays for the husband's long life, and he in turn Gives her valuable gifts. Traditionally it aussi the first day of the next financial year for traders.
Bhaubeej: this is the last and special day of the festival. This day is a celebration of the love of siblings for each other, PARTICULARLY brothers and sisters. On this day, brothers Visit their sisters, HOWEVER far They May be living. The sisters pray for the brothers' well being.
So That Is The festival ... Mainly a BIG party lasting for 5 days ... no matter how bad things or dismal May be, everyone forgets all the troubles and revels in the festivities.
Girish Navarathna

Skye and Girish Celebrated the Festival of Lights and Skye's birthday  
by Spending Some Time together is Paradise.

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