Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A father’s love

Dear thereof,

If mother is like moon to your life, father is the brightening sun in your world ..
I agree you are enlightened by both Sun and the moon
To protect you I have gone through a lot of sacrifices and Difficulties ...
I Feel That, there HAS beens not written enough number of poems and songs to admire a father's love ....

It's that my blood running through your veins and body ..
Even though I did not carry you in a womb I felt all the weight and thrust of life
It is higher than Any Mountain peak in this world, the love Deep Within my heart for you ....
I keep wondering why my blood Did not turn in to milk ....

I gave you all the fortitude needed through a mother; I was behind her all the time
It's only me, yes I only know that ...
Why is it That children are Unable to Properly Understand 'a father's love'
Is it only mothers, Who Will be Invited to the heaven?

Nirmal Humburg

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