Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When I think of All That Happened HAS, here on our lovely island thesis Few months past, I can only be proud of our accomplishments. For myself, I Seemed to-have landed on shores thesis In the midst of a major shift of demographics and opinions. In the beginning, I was a bit confused, Trying to Understand What Was going on, order soon Realized That Some members here, Were looking for much the same That I was interested in, making a difference. With That, I was thrown into the middle of a Conversation That Would reform the Statement of Principles, here, without really Knowing what We Were "changing from". I was happy to-have the opportunity to be apart of the re-generation of a place and community, that 'HAS so much potential.
I think the outcome WAS, "What are we doing, here?" That 'Began our whole re-organization. Everyone Have you cared, Submitted Their Own ideas and versions of a new SoP. The opinions and suggestions Were varied and at times the discussions Became quite heated. The first major decision Abebooks web HAD WAS Decided on the closure of the island to be better ble to focus on our objective of Formulating our new SoP and giving the place a chance at relief from the onslaught of people searching for "sex balls" with the new adult happy Imposed in SL. On October 1st the island was closed for a period of one month. 
The very first draft of our Statement of Principles WAS Revealed to everyone in our meeting on October 3rd. Harps HAD Brought together everyones' comments, suggestions and opinions into one comprehesive Document That was an excellent starting point for our new process, of Consensus Building, Brought to us by the lovely Sara. Discussions and Consensus HAD Begun, in earnest. Also at this meeting the seed planted WAS, by n2witive, of an automated guided tour for the streamlining of "Welcome Tours" to new guests.
The real work HAD Begun by the first week of October, ideas and suggestions Were tossed around with a flurry of heated discussions and Disagreements All All which ended with the sad consequences of not Being A Few ble members to be apart of our community any longer. Even with thesis Disagreements, It was obvious the community That Was "pulling together", Becoming a "Tighter family", and Those That Were Were not interested in leaving Trying to work out our differences. I am happy to say That A Few of These members-have since returned and are working hard to Understand, and compliment the membership of our little island paradise. This first round of discussions HAD sharpened our consensus building and technical Brought about the first revisions to our SoP, and Introduced the discussions on the phrasing of Purpose and Principles sections of the new document.
By the middle of October, we HAD Achieved consenus on the "Purpose" and "Principles" sections of the SoP and also the first section of our new "Membershop criteria" process. Around this time, it WAS Noted That peoples nerves Were Beginning to "fray" with all of the emotions and discord underriding the whole re-organization. During the October 17th meeting it Passed Consensus That our new SoP and the related documents Were significant to the island and we needed to "push on" and try to Stay Focused. We had Begun Then the work of nailing down the remainder of this important document.
By the time The Beginning Of November HAD rolled around, We Were Adding an "introduction" to the SoP, to make it a little more "user friendly". The island WAS re-opened to visitors and a great Hallowe'en party Effective Organized by n2 and Lux, everones' spirits Were Being Lifted by the progress made Being. working together and building a Document That Could all be proud of. To Illustrate the point of consensus building, It Should Be Noted That n2witives guided tour proposal still WAS Being Discussed options and Being Weighed / Considered, by everyone. Consensus on this issue WAS Bringing into perspective, eveyones' viewpoint and Nothing Was Being Rushed into implementation. I, for one, WAS happy with the outcome of this proposal as we now have a wonderful automated turn Almost at the completion points. A few more rounds of debate and consensus, and our tour Will Be to everyones' liking :)
By The Time That the middle of November HAD rolled around, we HAD Achieved consensus on the introduction to the SoP. Showing That a consensus approach once again, everyone Kept Working Toward one goal and when to all Agreed, things can happen quickly. We had to cancel our third meeting for the month of November, but on the 29th a large group Gathered to hear a presentation produced by the ever hard-working Harps and Girish. n2 presented us with the final decisions need to be made in That looks to our new guided tour, while Harps and Girish presentation Dealt with all of our options to finalize the last piece of our SoP, the Strategies. 
A big Thank you shoulds be offered to n2 for all of her hard work with our Automated Tour. Selma recognized and shoulds be Thanked for her contributions to this project generous and media, also. Without the two of 'em, Offering advice and guidance, May it never-have come about, please say your thanks the next time That you happen to run into Either of Them.
As we head into the final days of putting our stamp of approval to our, hard won, Statement of Principles, we all pat each other 'shoulds' on the back, for sticking with this and coming together in the spirit in this community All All which WAS , established businesses. I Hope that I have Summarized our season of change well enough to jog everyones' memories to appreciate just how much we are ble to come together and exchange When things are significant to us and our Perfect Paradise. In the coming days, I hope to list all of our accomplishments and Successes in one spot anyone Where Will Have Access Will and keep it up to date as our community Continued to work for the good of all. 
I have beens so Honoured to be made apart of this caring and compassionate community, over this season of change, coming to know and to Love So Many of the people here. That I hope I can continue to be apart of this vibrant and growing collection of souls, from around the world, proving peace and harmony That is Within us all. I have grown so much, in my time here and hope to continue my growth along with the community That HAS accepted me, flaws and all. Thank you all, so much!
Karen Carstensz

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