Friday, January 1, 2010


Recently I Attended a 5-day workshop and while I learned Many interesting and Useful Things, one memory keeps coming back to me time and again, All which for me sums up the whole event and what Seems to be the Most Important idea I need to help I move forward Towards a more happy and fulfilling life.
Peter, our teacher, a charismatic, talented 27 year old, started the race with telling us a bit about His own life and background. Two words Kept coming up again and again as he Told us His Story. He cam from A Relatively 'average expectations normal'background and HAD goal is now leading a life of working 6 months out of every year in this dreamjob and Spending the rest of the time HAVING lots of fun and adventures. Those two words All which he wrote on a flipchart so We would read 'em over and over Were SCARY and EXCITING.
He Explained to us That opportunity or a whenever Some thought might present Itself to him, that 'Either Seemed scary or exciting, he Would take time immediately Steps Toward it, and this HAD That lead him, step by step, to His present life, All which to MOST Seemed like us of a wonderful dream.
During the 5 days he Kept coming back to the concept of our 'comfort zone', our area of ​​our world, where we're relaxed and anxiety free and Where We Often like to REMAIN Because it is just so .... comfortable. Around the comfort zone HOWEVER lies a barrier, a frontier of feeling uncomfortable to varying degrees, that 'is controlled by our subconscious, Whose No. 1 job is to keep us' safe'.
We know we are coming up against this barrier by our feelings That binds anywhere Between Being and Being excited scared.
Beyond this barrier lies the great undiscovered realm. (I'm Beginning to Understand what 'The Odyssey' gold Many famous legends and fairy tales are all about!)
To get across, Whether the 'beasts' That lie in wait are big or small, we must take courage.
But why not just stay here? May you ask, After All, it's cozy and safe and there's no harm in it.
The problem is, as we know from nature, there is no standing still, we are Expanding or shrinking, moving forward or backwards and to think we can keep things the same is an illusion.
So the challenge of a lifetime is not that huge step one must take me to move Towards a more rewarding life, altho it might start that Way, goal never-ending series of decisions That lie before us to break through this barrier Continually as it comes up again and again and fight the dragons and monsters of our minds, Who Will Try their hardest to stop us to reach our potential.
As I'm sitting here with my heart pounding in my chest I am comforted by the thought That Any tackled fear is fear has vanished and I'm Reminded of a quote by Mark Twain Have you said: 'Most of the things I worried about, never came to pass. 'Like the heroes in Those old stories I'm learning not to say, why I CAN NOT, goal INSTEAD ask, how I CAN.
I hope to see you all 'out there', so we can join together in our victory dance.
Miracle Masala

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