Friday, January 1, 2010

A Global Warming Story

Once upon a time, what we today call the Black Sea, Was a huge sweet water lake. Because of the availability of water, human settlements sprung up all around HAD the banks of the lake.
Purpose disaster struck about ten thousand years ago. The temperature of the earth started going up, the polar ice started melting, and the level of the oceans everywhere Went up. The level of the water in the salty Mediterranean sea aussi Went up, and the salty water upstream Went into the big sweet water lake. As the water level of the lake Increased, the settlements all around Had to face flooding. There Was devastation all over as the People were pushed farther and farther by the rising water level. Furthermore, the erstwhile sweet water turned salty, and In Spite of flooding There Was scarcity of water for human use. Finally humans Had to abandon settlements thesis and go elsewhere.
Some of the wanderers Moved in northerly management and ended up in Europe. Some Moved southwards, and ended up Ultimately in India. This Was the first major influx of 'outsiders' in India. The erstwhile Dravidian society, established and well WAS fairly urbanized. Purpose It Could not Withstand the long determination and vigor of the immigrants, and the Dravidians started retreating, giving over control of Their land to the invaders. This is how the so called Aryans cam to India. They-settled here in time and the Dravidians and Aryans have got mostly assimilated. A common cultural HAS Emerged.
What is the proof of this story? There are several proofs. Fossils of fish found in the Black Sea Prove That It used to be a sweet water lake. There is a linguistic proof - the Similarities in the languages ​​of Europe and the Indian languages ​​That are derivatives of Sanskrit (the language of the Aryans in India). This group of languages ​​is now called Expired Indo-European languages. There are cultural proofs too.The Some flooding was so devastating That It had a great impact on the human psyche. The story narrated and WAS Passed down from generation to generation. In the European culture, it Appears as the story of Noah's Ark. In ancient Indian scriptures it is Recorded as the story of how the great king Manu survived the great flood, and Lived to Establish on a dynasty.
There Have Been many more invasions in India, goal before the British, the invaders simply cam-settled here, Fought with the locals for control of land, and finally got assimilated in the Existing society, Adding to the richness of icts culture. The British Were the first invaders Have you Plundered the land in the name of the service to Their Own country and monarch.
In Any case, the India as on today, is a Culture That HAS Emerged and thrived over Thousands of years through a constant conflict between 'locals' and 'immigrants'. Aim the first Defining Moment WAS Surely the invasion by the Aryans - a consequence of global warming!
Girish Navarathna

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