Friday, January 1, 2010

Who to Contact for Various Activities in Perfect Paradise Intentional Community

The Community strategy HAS nine Areas Identified in All which can be the carried out activities in the community. The nine Areas Are Being managed by various community members as volunteer Manager / Co-ordinator.
SA1: Education and Research: Saraswati Navarathna
SA2: Island Development and Maintenance:   Miralee Munro
SA3: Security and Visitor Management: Veksyn Raviprakash
SA4: Information Exchange: Girish Navarathna
SA5: Website Management: Porena Pomilio (
SA6: Community Welbeing: HarpoonDodger Freenote
SA7: Entertainment: PPIC member volunteer needed!
SA8: Marketing, Promotion, Outreach: Rayah Slade
SA9: Meeting Co-ordination: Karen Carstensz
These are the current Managers / Co-ordinators for the strategy Areas. Please feel free to contact em for requests, offers, and clarifications.

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