Monday, February 1, 2010

How to make your New Year's resolutions work

The old year has ended and a new one started and HAS like So Many years before I have thought That this must be a good time to change my life for the better, start fresh, out with the old, in with the new, in short Make Some New Year resolutions. I got excited about my 'New Life', all the wonderful things I would have, be and do all the horrible stuff and I would finally get rid off. Here comes the 1 of January and poof, zap and abracadabra -. Magic! Perfect life, here I come ....... hang on a minute! Would I really?
How many times have I done this and not much, if anything Has Changed? How many times have you? How long did it take to go back to old habits, fall back into familiar ruts, forget about promises we made to ourselves, get out of it Talked by 'well-meaning' friends and GIVE UP? One day? one week? maybe one month?
After HAVING tried and failed to bring about Many Times exchange (prefereably quick ones!) In my life I Have Become interested in the psychology and physiology of change. What is it That is holding us back? Why is it so tough to escape old habits? What is happening in our thoughts, feelings and bodies, When We desire to do new things and to discontinuous old ones and yet we stuck sccm.
I have found a wealth of information 'out there' on this and related subjects and I have compiled a list for you 5 points and aussi myself, how to go about this more successfully from now on:
See yourself already there! Imagine how it Would look, taste, smell, and sound to-have accomplished what you desire received. Look at pictures That show what you desire. Most importantly though, FEEL it. Get excited! Feel happy, proud, elated, excited, exstatic! Enjoy the emotions of the wish Fulfilled! Do Regularly Until this is accomplished your goal.
Say it the way you want it, not the way you do not want it. (Example: you do not want to lose extra weight goal Rather you want to weigh X kg / pounds, you do not want to stop being broke all the time you want to aim Rather enjoy an income of X Amount.) Your subconscious knows no negatives and Neither Does the universe.
3.) Banish THE DOUBT 
Do not wonder for one second 'how' this is going to be possible. Be like a child and just 'dream the impossible dream.
If there is something you think you can do it Towards, divide the work into smaller and smaller chunks, so you're left with manageable weekly or daily action steps. Be patient, be reasonable and make it Easily achievable. If you do not know what you can do Towards your goal, trust That something will come your way. Start looking and listening for 'puzzle pieces' That Will APPEAR: an idea, a conversation an item in a newspaper, whatever it is, You Will Know, so write it down! It's so easy to forget. 
A new idea is a delicate thing and can be killed off with just one careless remark by a well-meaning friend. 
You might be excited by the idea of ​​Improving yourself / your life, there are purpose Many people, Who Will Become uncomfortable by That thought, Because it highlights Their Own Their unwillingness to change or belief That things are hopeless. So to defend Their position, They Will Try their best to talk you out of it. If you MUST talk about your plan and dreams, Have you choose someone you know is completely Call supportive of you, factotum believes in the possibility of change and All who is chasing dreams A Few of Their Own. 
Happy New Year to you all. May all your dreams come true! 
Miracle Masala

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