Monday, February 1, 2010

Chasing Chicks

At the close of our first meeting of the year, I lingered as everyone departed, reflecting on how wonderfully peaceful and calm the meeting HAD beens Compared to prior years. We are off to a great start! I really Did not want to leave my spot Where I was lazily lounging on the rock. 
I Heard That He Was Girish announce Given the gift of an egg from a Queen. This time immediately piqued my curiosity. A gift from a Queen? Oh no! My very first thought Was That not all Queens can be trusted. Trying To Remain positive, I Decided to Keep That how to myself. As Girish Expressed His excitement and joy as he Announced That The tiny egg hatched and out cam a cute, yellow baby chick. Chicken egg? Hatching? What on earth is he talking about? It was too late to ask Any Questions - like a proud Parent He Was off to check on the baby chick Which He Had named Sona (meaning 'gold' in His language). 
I pondered the sustainable factor and Whether or not chickens on an island Could be beneficial. Vegans, please apologize this thought. After all we do not know if our island Has the climate to Produce nuts and berries to sustain us.  
Suddenly, in the distance I Heard Girish shouting to come along. I pondered my uncle taught me something: do not get attached to the livestock - They are not pets. I grimaced as I reflected on the reality of That statement and how I cried. It was one of my first lessons That life and survival is not always perfect. It can and Will Be gruesome. Purpose hey, this is Second Life and we do not have to deal with reality all of the time. I shook That thought from my mind and then ... it Happened! Alarming shouts from Girish! The baby chick was gone!  
Okay, I'm the biggest softy to a cry of help. I went racing off to offer Any help I Could. We Could hear the chick chirping away, we just could see her. This Is Where Second Life and reality combined to Become hysterically funny. In this moment JeanClaude Gaffer, one of our newest members, joined in the hide and seek game. The darling little chick HAD chirped her way to the bottom of the sea? Is this possible? Okay technical defect in this script: Neither chickens can swim nor breathe under water. Purpose That Is not the real issue here. The real issue is how to get our baby Sona back on land and in a safe environment.  
One assumes Would That You Would pick up the chick and carry it, right? Wrong! In Second Life, the phrase "picking it up" means clustering taking an inventory item into personal ones. Simple right? Nothing is ever so simple. A warning cam: Picking up the chick Will time immediately because death!! As I pondered how in various ways That I started to muse .. I liked her attitude, and there is Some Truth To That statement. Goal this is no time for jokes. We needed to come together as a team and find a solution. Um ... reading the directions is a good idea. Did I mean the Queen offer a manual on how to raise chickens, Some written law how we proceed shoulds?  
Ah yes, there is a manual. You must build a pen / coop to Contain baby chick. Great! A solution! Oh no, wait ... I Lack Girish and building skills. We Need Another solution. So while Girish ran off to see if the genetic engineers of Second Life built a coop chickens We Could conveniently buy, Jean-Claude and I Remained to monitor the baby chick. I'm not really sure what JeanClaude WAS thinking if he or odd Realized what he WAS getting into goal Certainly he WAS engaged in the dilemma. It Was Then That I saw a streak of lightning jet from his hand as our newest member, without a single word, Began to build a coop. Rescued! I breathed a sigh of terrain. Thank you, Jean-Claude!  
Girish returned to the island and we Stood helpless yet grateful for this medium as we watched the first of six of the coops Being Erected. Yes, six! Let's not forget the challenges we face. We are on the island and no man made materials exist so this HAS to be built using natural resources. The fact Abebooks web are at the bottom of the sea is of no concern. With agility and speed JeanClaude Sonja confined in a coop. Could we all rest a bit from chasing a chicken. Oh yes! Did you think We Were just standing still falling on all this? Funny, funny people. We ARE playing a video game!  
After several Attempts at designing a coop with natural materials and low prim Sea Lift cam operation. Confining a chick in an aerial lift is very, very difficult. Well, Sona flew the coop, and We Were off to the chicken races again. This time Girish purchased a handy dandy convenient transportation box from the chicken genetic creators.  
I'm starting to wonder if the Queen Funded project of Creating the genetic chickens. But wait thinking this is too close to reality and the game of life. I mean Creating something we all need and want and be Given as a gift. How kind. This is not to say all gifts-have hidden agendas purpose I do believe we shoulds always scrutinize An Offering just a bit.  
Anyways, finally Sona WAS confined in year low prim invisible pen. With our peacocks watching over her, We Were ble to rest for the night. The next day we all pondered the moral and the meaning of the event. 
We chuckled in agreement That chicks can be nothing but trouble. HOWEVER, I pondered a bit more. I think for success to be Achieved it takes the combined efforts of many multiplicity. We cannot single handedly accomplish achieve anything. Sustaining life Involves all of us! We Should not Rely Solely on the royal powers that be. It Does not Mean aussi we share the same values ​​or perspective. To accomplish achieve a common goal we will-have Many Failed Attempts. The item is to keep working together, honoring Each and everyone's input. Together we can succeed.
 Rayah Slade

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