Monday, February 1, 2010

Role play SIMS

Welcome to the psychological retreat of second life
Role play Sims give a chance to Participate and-have firsthand experience of the Most of mythological stories and adventures Throughout the history of modern warfare and earth and fictions 
I play the role of a brave knight at kingdom of sands and I belong to the bravest and the loyalist Group of knights call "THE ORDER OF THE CODE" to the diet of the sultana, we are the peace keepers and the persons Have you abide work the law and order Within the city here is my back story:
"Ben is my tribe kouraish we-have-been in Arabia for years before it self time my family-have-been traveling from oasis to oasis for as long as i can remember, water was our life line without it we couldn't survive so we HAD to be on the move, I am here in the land ireem Because it is full of plenty of wealth odd though there is unwanted character scares That's our children we will not leave Ireem Became the life it self our salvation and our future we will die for this peace of paradise. sultans I joined the royal army at my young age and early Fought bravely for this land and for self sulthana him with my life and saved him several times-have, once I was badly injured so close to getting killed, the purpose destiny WAS not that hard for me I survived the injury and sultana presented me with The Most Honourable position of a man and im proud knights Accomplish Achieve Such position.
And there after I have Fought Many battles and won every battle-have I Participate and if u ask my sword it'll give the exact number of life's I have taken only dyeing Have you worth it, and I have never ever killed an innocent man 
Purpose sometimes we-have animals in this land look like Have you human purpose only in shape 
They do not scare me aim They make my skin gringe from just looking at 'em so i AVOID em not wanting to dirty my sword with Their Blood, It Seems the sand is getting hot in the last Few Days Have Been under constant attack we need to make our stand though.
 Salaam and safe paths to all
Nirmal Humburg

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