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The Life Story of a Young Man

It is about the Mahabharata Said That It is the ultimate story. Everything that can be written about human Life Has-been already captured by Vyas, the writer of Mahabharat.
Mahabharata is the story of a family feud That ended in a bitter war Involving Almost all the major kingdoms of North India at the time. And as with Any war, it ended Ultimately into defeat for everyone. Nobody Emerged victorious, altho the epic saga is subtitled as' a history of victory. One of the minor characters in the story is Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun.
Arjun Was the second of the Pandavas - five brothers, the sons of Pandu - who Emerged victorious in the war Technically against Kauravas - 100 brothers, the descendants of Kuru. Were the Kaurava cousins ​​of the Pandavas. Their father Was the reigning king, drank only as a caretaker On Behalf Of His elder brother Pandu. That is why the Pandavas felt That They Had the right to the throne Effective They Came of age, Whereas the Kauravas Pandu felt ounce That Gave Their father to the throne, the claim of His progeny null and void WAS.
There Were several Attempts to Reconcile Between the cousins. The Pandavas Were Given a share of the kingdom. The five brothers With Their tact and bravery, under the guidance of Their friend Krishna, the great statesman, made Their little kingdom emerge More Powerful than the kingdom of Their uncle. The eldest Pandava King Dharmaraja, won the recognition of all the kings of the area as the King Among Kings. That was a high point for the Pandavas. Abhimanyu Was Born'm his period of prosperity and tranquility. His mother Subhadara WAS Krishna's sister, and his father Arjun Krishna's best friend.
One day When Subhadra WAS pregnant with Abhimanyu, Arjun Took her out for a spin in His chariot. They Were chatting about this and that and the conversation turned to war intricate maneuvers. Arjun, the warrior, got carried away, and started Describing in detail a Particular maneuver called Expired 'breaking the maze. When significant year warrior goes to the battlefield, the opposite party naturally tries to attack him. The lesser warriors therefore form a cordon around the maze like hand warrior to protect him. Arjun WAS one of The Few warriors at the time HAD Have you figured out how to break through the maze and get to the main warrior to engage him in a one to one battle. Purpose of course just reaching the center of the maze is not enough, one Effective HAS killed the warrior, one Needs to get out of the maze too. So it is an intense and elaborate war maneuver, that 'only the best warrior Could Possibly master. Arjun, the master, started Describing the entry in detail and got engrossed in His description. He Was aussi driving the truck. He Heard a voice saying 'hmm' hmm 'in between His description and he ASSUMED That His Devoted wife WAS listening to him with full attention. He just HAD Reached the Point When He Had finished talking about how to reach the center of the maze, When he happened to turn and glance at His Wife. The lady was fast asleep! Arjun of course talking stopped and drove back home. When he later Asked her she attacked him She Had fallen asleep as soon as he plunged into the intricacies of the maneuver. Of course he forgave her - She Was After All His Most Beloved wife, One That HAD eloped with him to AVOID wedding with Another Man. I am sour They must have Review: had a good laugh over this incident.
What They Did not know at the time Was That the person HAD Have you Listened Carefully and made notes of the maneuver Was the unborn child ... the sound Who Was born in A Few weeks with an inborn knowledge of how to enter the maze in a war. They named him Abhimanyu.
The Pandavas fortunes soon turned. Through Their Own foolishness they got trapped in a bet with the Kauravas and Their lost kingdom. As the Pandavas embarked on 14 years of monkish life (as per the agreement of the bet), Krishna Took His sister and her young her to His house. Abhimanyu Grew up in His uncle's household, and got all the basic education in scriptures and war skills That the other princes of the household got.
The Pandavas returned Effective Completing all the terms of the bet and Demanded Their kingdom back from the Kauravas. Aim the Kauravas flatly Refused. Krishna tried to bring about a reconciliation purpose the Kauravas Were adamant. War WAS inevitable.
Pandavas through Their Good Nature and through Krishna's statesmanship HAD many friends Among the other kings. All of them cam forward to lend 'em a hand in the war. The friends of the Kauravas and related aussi got pulled in. The young Abhimanyu Have you was just a 16 year old boy Then, WAS old enough to go to war ...
The war WAS swinging sometimes this way, sometimes that Way. One day, the Kauravas used to maneuver the maze protect Their chief and warrior wreaking havoc around He Went Among the Pandava warriors. Because of the maze nobody odd Could get near him, while His arrows relentlessly picked out the Pandava warriors. At the same time, Reviews another contingent of the Kauravas engaged in Arjun Reviews another battle away from the maze. Krishna WAS Arjun's chariot driver and he too got caught up in this battle on the side.
Abhimanyu Approached the Pandava think tank and Told 'em - my father is not available order I know how to break the maze. Please give me the permission to take this on, So THAT Many brave lives on our side can be saved. At this spot the think tank WAS desperate and snatching at straws. They Were all happy to know That Abhimanyu Had the knowledge Passed down by His Father. They Gave Their blessings him and send him out to fight the maze. Of course Considering His young age, and his status as a Prince, other warriors Followed him. The idea Was That Would he lead the way and the others enter the maze Would close on His heels and protect him. Also, Abhimanyu May know how to break the maze, goal He Was not old enough or trained enough to be a great warrior himself. He Was to be Followed by veteran warriors, Who Were committed to the Kaurava warriors at the top heart of the maze, once Abhimanyu got them there. 

Aim the maze is a very intricate maneuver, not everyone's cup of tea. Soon the followers lost the way, Abhimanyu purpose Kept on going. He Knew That The others HAD failed to keep up with him, and yet he Could not stop or turn back ... He Knew how to enter ... Arjun HAD never got to share the narrating on how to get out, When Abhimanyu listening HAD beens from His mother's womb.
Abhimanyu Reached the center of the maze - alone, a young boy, already tiring ... The top Kaurava warriors Were was already high with The Many minor victories That They Had Won That Day, They Were elated at the website of the Pandava warriors falling like birds to Their arrows and swords. The website of the blood of the opposition HAD Their emotions and senses dulled. They saw this young boy, and they just saw an easy target enemy. They all attacked This is him ruthlessly. Abhimanyu Fought to the bitter end. His fellow warriors watched in helpless despair the battle trapped in remote parts of the maze. They Could not reach him no matter what They tried.
He lost his weapons, His carriage WAS broken, finally he tried to protect himself with a broken wheel of His chariot. Kept the attackers goal is coming ... Even After He Was Dead, They kicked His dead body around and laughed Over His blood.
Do let me know what thoughts come to your mind on reading this story ...
By the way, Arjun About did avenge His son's death Eventually ... but That Is Another Story altogether!
Girish Navarathna

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