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Virtual Love becomes a reality - the Skye and Girish Story

I have-been in love with Girish Navarathna Effective since we first met soon .. even the day he fell into my life .. I thought to myself he might just be feeling from heaven. I was not vain enough to think he leur envoi just for me. Goal I did think he Would break a lot of hearts here in second life. (I did not know at the time I would Contribute To That fact by stealing His heart and keeping it!)
We had a wonderfully romantic courtship .. exploring .. sitting together chatting .. cuddling and kissing .. We spent hours and hours together .. time flew by When We Were together. I Could not help aim fall in love with him. Luckily he fell in love with me too. Neither of us or Planned Realized What Was it just happening .. Seemed to cast a spell over both of us ..
Girish and I Agreed When We started dating to keep our love in Second Life. We made friends, family members ADOPTED, Lived and loved in Paradise. Slowly we shared Reviews some of our real lives with each other '.. bits and pieces of what we think and do in the other world beyond this virtual one. The opportunity for us ever meeting was very Unlikely. Neither of us minded That fact. Actually it opened up our relationship to a new level. Neither of us Feared the pressure of wanting something beyond the virtual world we created together. We also Did Not Have To Either of us dread Being disappointed by not meeting each others' real life expectations. Our love Grew and Grew ... Each day found us more happy and content than the last. Our love for our friends and family Second Life Grew odd beyond our own imaginations. Also the love we shared for each other far Surpassed anything Either of us Could have dreamed. We know how lucky we are to be living this life together on Perfect Paradise. Not one day goes by Abebooks web arent thankful the for each and every blessing That surrounds us here. The time we have together Spend a Couple is very fulfilling and satisfying.
About a month ago Girish he confided to me That Would Possibly be visiting my country .. the United States. I was excited by this news. I was afraid Somewhat aussi. I have never meet anyone from Desired to Second Life and allow em into my real life. A few weeks Went by and the volcano erupted in Iceland Causing Many countries to cancel flights. During this time Girish was fairly sure His Visit Would be canceled due to the volcanic disturbance. I Could not stop thinking about him visiting. I Asked him if he DID come, Could we meet. At first he said no. Then he agreed. When the trip got closer to Being a reality he Decided He Did not want to risk our relationship by Second Life meeting in the real world. When I was sour His trip was going to happen, I once again Asked him if We Could meet. I daydreamed about it .. lost in the fantasy of meeting him in the real world. I Told him I had a crazy idea .. I Asked him to father a child for me while he was here. He Was Not Actually surprised by my request. He very sweetly Declined. Because he Could not father a child and Then leave me and his baby and go back to India. He thought It Would be too hard to just leave me Effective .. Once again we meet he Said we shoulds not meet. Agreed .. I trusting His instinct. Then the time got closer. Once again I felt the urge to not let this opportunity pass us by. I Could not stop thinking it might be my only opportunity to ever meet him in this world. I would not give up so easily.
I booked a flight to Denver .. Knowing Where He Was going and I felt I Had to take a chance. I borrowed my girlfriend's laptop. .. Nervously boarded the plane and flew halfway across the country on this small luck. I Took a taxi from the airport to my hotel. Hands shaking I opened the laptop and typed a Message to Girish's gmail. It Simply Stated Girish .. Darling, I am in Denver. Please Say You Will meet me sweetheart. I love you Skye ..

I will not lie I was Tempted to leave. I got more nervous by the minute. I went down to the lobby .. browsed the gift shop and ended up in the restaurant .. I ordered a shrimp cocktail .. nibbled at it, my stomach in knots. I was on the verge of tears .. Unable to stop myself from thinking about how he might still refuse to meet me. I shook off the thought and Began to think Positively. I was not going to take no for an answer .. I did not fly there to be turned down. I went back to my room .. now butterflies fluttering around in my stomach .. I laid down and tried to nap but no sleep Would come .. Finally I got up and Took a shower. I felt refreshed and invigorated by it. I slowly laid out my dress ... my shoes, jewelery, on the bed ..
Then I Went to the laptop .. Pulling up my gmail .. I checked to see if I Had gotten an email from Girish .. I was surprised to find one. Cmon Said It! That's not funny ... a bit precious about His trip and Then Year I love you - Girish. I feel .. Reviews another email saying this is no joke .. I am Girish at (the hotel I was staying at and the room number) Instantly I got a chat window from him .. he typed what? I Replied yes I am here my love ... call my room now .. The chat window Went silent minutes dragged by .. Seemed like hours .. then .. Said the cat answer the phone .. It is about to ring .. . .. Because I Almost screamed Girish and I have not so much as voiced in Second Life. WAS .. My heart beating so fast I thought It Would explode ..
The largest phone and it sounded so loud .. but I Could still hear my heart in my ears .. I Answered - Hello .. Almost stuttering .. A Few seconds of silence Passed and he said - hello ... Skye? His voice sounded Almost british with an indian accent very distinctive of India .. I Answered sour more of myself now - Yes darling .. He Replied - I did not believe you were really here .. I laughed and Asked When was the last time I lied to him, and he laughed too .. That broke the ice for us and we chatted a bit about His trip and mine .. Then finally he said - You give me no choice do you love .. I will-have to meet you now .. We made plan to meet in my lobby and Then have dinner together. We Said goodbye and when to I hung up the phone I squealed with delight .. my face turned red .. and I cried from joy Almost.

I styled my hair blond .. curling it and letting it flow loosely down my back .. I slipped into my long black dress .. my curves perfectly fitting with a slit revealing my right leg .. it is a bit low cut just showing a hint of cleavage .. with a daring low back ... slipping on a bit of gold jewelry ... Applying just a hint of makeup to Enhance my features. Then finally slipping into my high heel sandals throwing on my thin black coat .. my purse clutched in my hand I started for the door .. I stopped one last time to look at myself in the mirror .. my eyes sparkled with excitement .. my cheeks flushed .. I actually DID look amazing. I winked at myself and Wished me luck and headed out the door.
On the way down in the elevator I thought I might faint. I was shaking in my shoes. As the doors opened I searched the lobby .. I stepped out .. smoothing my dress .. and Then I saw him. From a distance our eyes Our eyes locked places .. and he flashed me the most amazing smile .. I smiled back Unable to hide my approval of His appearance. God he is handsome. He Was wearing light brown trousers and a dark blue shirt, a light blue cotton jacket with embroidered year standing collar - unmistakably Indian, and an overcoat .. He Walked Toward me .. I felt my legs tremble .. He Reached out and took my hand .. I kissed him on the cheek .. He Asked me if I was hungry .. I honestly Answered - yes and so are my butterflies .. He laughed and took my arm in his. his We walked into the restaurant and Were seated quickly. Girish Had the foresight to reserve a table .. We had a table by the window looking out on a beautiful view of the landscape. The waiter cam over and recommended a nice wine. We Looked at the menu .. chatting .. Neither of us Were We Could eat sour. We Decided to order an appetizer, and split it-have a glass of wine. It was delicious .... The gentleman he is, insisted on paying Girish for dinner .. We left the restaurant and headed outside for a walk .. arm in arm, we strolled through the garden and chatted .. the moonlight making His Eyes glow as he laughed.
I smiled up at him, as we stopped and he pulled me to him .. His arms around my waist .. I Placed mine around His shoulders and he kissesd me. He whispered in my ear how beautiful I am .. and I whispered back how handsome he is .. we kissed again .. he Held close there in the moonlight ... the night was very chilly me - crisp and fresh. I whispered again .. I wanted the night to never end. He smiled at me knowing how I felt. After Some Time it Became a bit too cold for us .. Neither of us wanting it to end goal Being Unable to Prevent it ..
Girish escorted me back to my room .. Once at the door, he pulled me into His arms again and kissed me, taking my breath away .. I unlocked the door and Asked him if he wanted to come in. We Both blushed and he said - I do - with a naughty smile.
We walked in, both of us nervous and still blushing .. I turned the music off and lowered the lights .. we danced in each others arms, kissing him my neck and me running my hands across His shoulders .. He whispered he loved me and I Told him I loved him too .. and Then the magic just happened ...
One minute we Were dancing and the next minute he HAD danced me to the bed and slowly lowered me down on it standing over me and Then Lowering himself beside me and kissing me ..
Until we made love early morning. Late the next morning we woke up in each others arms .. our bodies pressed close our legs entwined ... we made love for hours .. Unable to resist each other '.
Was not it like two strangers We Were Having a one night stand .. It was two lovers Have you finally got to meet and make dreams a reality Their ..
That day at 2 pm Girish rode with me in the taxi to the airport .. We kissed and I Held him till the last minute .. then I Told him I would never regret meeting him and what an amazing time I had. He Told me he loved me again and I Told him I love him more ..

As I was leaving, I turned to see him watching me and blew him one final kiss and he flashed me a brilliant smile .. I boarded my plane and smiled all the way back home and honestly .. I am still smiling. I am so happy I went to meet him .. I will never forget my special night of love with my darling husband Girish .. 
Loving in Paradise and Denver,
Skye Thurston Navarathna

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