Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Does Perfect Paradise Mean To You?

Alula Beck:
Perfect Paradise means clustering lots of things for me: friendship, calm, beauty, interesting conversations, goal MOST of all it means clustering hope. The people of Paradise Perfect Have Shown They can move past Difficulties. They are not afraid to develop, new ways to give a go - and That Makes everything possible.

Nirmal Humburg:
Perfect paradise is a place That stands up to icts name, truly a paradise for me in the virtual world. Though my time in sl is very limited, most is of That Time I like to stay at p. It heals my inner sorrows, calms down my aching eyes and Most of All It Has Ability to this magical for reduce stress in a short time, with a caring community amazing Rather I like to call my sl family. I cant find Any other better place to hang around in sl, so pp is truly heaven in the sl sl and it is my home. Long live pp!

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