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The Skye and Girish Story... 2

Girish WAS disturbed by this new friend he HAD got. He Was fascinated by her, and he felt guilty about it aussi - as if He Was Betraying His love RL. Then aim the RL along no love ... It Had Existed abandoned him. He logged into SL every day at the same time That He Had puts Skye and was disappointed not to find her online. He dropped by the white sandy beach several times, only to find it deserted, and felt more lonely odd. He aussi Continued With His exploration of SL.
Just a Couple of days before meeting Skye, He Had found a beautiful sim, That Was Generally quiet When he logged in. His morning. There Was a beautiful rocky beach with waves crashing onto the rocks. Girish found it soothing to sit on the rock, and allow the waves to crash into him ... He found himself returning to this sim called Expired Perfect Paradise Island, again and again.
It was 2-3 days after Their first meeting, that 'he found Skye online again. He has IMed her attempt hello, thinking That She May Not sponds, that 'she May be busy, or she May-have odd forgotten him ... Such a wonderfully friendly and vivacious girl must have many friends, and leading a busy Would Be SL life, he thought. She Did sponds goal, And She Was free to meet him ...
That sort of set the pattern of the encounters They Continued to have. When They Were Both online at the same time, They Spend time Exclusively with each other '. They met, Talked, Explored all the time ... and There Was a mutual attraction simmering just under the surface and yet They Did not quite talk about it.
One day Skye Took Girish to a sim called Expired Acropolis Gardens Where There Were animated walks. They Could walk around the beach in each other 's arms. Then They Went up a winding path exploring a mountain. Walking around on winding paths WAS tricky for him, Being a newbie. At one spot he bumped into her, and she Suddenly Disappeared! He Was bewildered, order soon she teleported him to hire her - She Had fallen down in a hidden cellar.
There Was a giant bed in the basement, All which WAS Supposed to have 'sex poses' in it. He Was curious about that and he assured her curiosity WAS Purely His 'academic'! She Considered for a Few Minutes and Then Said, "let's try the bed, I can do with a nice foot rub." Apparently This Was The Most innocuous thing That She Could find in the bed's animations! They jumped on the bed, and her avatar Went into a reclining pose, with her foot held up. He should-have gone on a sitting pose, with her foot in His lap ... but nothing Happened! His avatar Refused to comply. They tried it again and again. The bed Would not just work for him. Skye Wondered if it WAS SPECIFICALLY a problem with foot rub, and tried to select something else - the only other Relatively 'mild' option Seemed to be a 'kiss'. His avatar and yet just sat there - watching her sexy red pout lips into a kiss. His state of mind in RL WAS Such That plunged him into this deep depression has ...

They finally abandoned the bed and he stumbled out of the cave behind Skye, His mind was in turmoil. They came out and he saw 'kiss' pose balls on the mountain. Without thinking he jumped on the blue ball, and before he Could Say anything Skye HAD jumped on the pink one. And he found himself kissing her ... holding her close, Possessing her lips. He felt her leaning into him, wild hair flying all over the place, savoring His kiss, her fingers lost in the hair on the back of His Head ...
Something Shifted In His mind, he Could See What Was Happening. The shadow of RL WAS lifting and he found His heart going out to this girl - so beautiful, so nice, and so very sensitive to him. They kissed again on Reviews another ball laying near a beautiful cascading waterfall ....
Another day ... Girish Skye Invited to show her Perfect Paradise Island. He Had not met Many people there, There Was a community purpose That belonged to the island and They Had a website. It was a community Devoted to sustainable lifestyle, something That was close to Girish's own heart. Purpose apart from That It Was a very beautiful natural sim.
Skye cam Readily enough to see it, And They Wandered around a bit. There Was a charming little fire with wooden logs Arranged around it in a circle. A nice place for a group of friends to sit and chat. There Were various poseballs around it, and the newbie Girish naturally wanted to check out thesis poses. Skye Asked him to choose Where he wanted to sit. He randomly clicked on a blue pose ball, and found himself sitting down in what Appeared to be a strange pose to him. Just a moment later he WAS surprised to find Skye sitting in His lap, her head on His chest Rested, His arms around her waist. He was so surprised That he exclaimed, "Oh!" And she laughingly Asked him, "what happened? Did I sit down too hard? "He sat back and relaxed ... enjoying what he saw. Today, She Had tied up her hair in a very elaborate hair do. He Could not help himself and Requested her to let her hair cascading down. She Obliged him and aussi remarked, "I knew you Would Have me untie my hair" "I do not like anything tied up," he brazenly Told her, and she simply Said, "ok, I will remember That." From That day, except for the day of Their wedding reception, When She Was Formally dressed, Skye HAS worn her hair wild and lose .. never tied it up ...
That day is Perfect Paradise Island, Girish Explored Many animations with Skye, and loved every minute of it. They cuddled, and danced together, And They kissed. After a long time, Girish found himself smiling and feeling happy.
When the two sets, Skye Review: had a very busy RL (in working day and night shifts, with a complicated 3 week cycle, and willing to do extra shifts odd back to back day and night). Girish too at the time had a busy RL (Struggling with too many things at the time in His business). Both of 'em Review: had a number of technical issues to deal with at Each end. There is Almost 12 hour time difference Between em. The fact That In Spite of all hurdles thesis, They Continued to catch each other 'online and Spend time together, is remarkable in Itself! Generally They Went exploring beautiful and romantic sims. They found aussi Themselves Spending more and more time on the Perfect Paradise Island.
Girish HAD fallen into the habit of sending a daily 'good morning' offline messages to Skye - In His evening, When She Would still be in bed - hopefully dreaming of him! Skye and Girish HAD Spend Some Time on Perfect Paradise Island, and got to know HAD people in the community, Themselves Were group members, and slowly getting to know more about the Island. And They Had Discovered the beautiful cellar.
Near the center of the Island, there Was an open cellar, cascading waterfalls with beautiful down the walls, and nice arrangements of small water pools, plants, and stones. There Were Some ultra romantic animated pose balls in the cellar. One of those called Expired WAS 'devotion. It was a beautifully romantic animation. It started off with the guy and the girl tentatively kissing each other ', Then succumbing to passion to deepen the kiss, and Then ... Withdrawing sort of reluctantly ... Her hand fluttered up touching her heart and his - as if pledging her devotion to him. He caught her hand in his, and raised it to His lips. Lowering His Head to her as he kissed her hand - pledging His devotion to her.
Looking back, both, Skye and Girish AGREE That It Was this movie That sort of 'did it' for 'em. They Spend hours on it, watching Themselves, Their innermost thoughts sharing with each other ', getting to know each other' better. It was here That Skye Told him about her fantasy of Being captured and won over by a brave warrior, and he Told her about how she Appeared to him as a wild enchanting princess with magical powers. It was here Told That They Both Each Other That They Were ready to explore deeper emotions in SL, but not interested in taking things to RL. That HAD beens a major issue of concern for her in the past - people wanting to transcend her from SL into RL. Skye slowly started relaxing, feeling more comfortable with him, Knowing and believing That he felt the same way aussi about the SL / RL boundary. On the other hand, under her gentle and playful prodding, Girish slowly started coming out of His shell, started laughing and enjoying. The pain of a broken heart in RL still gnawed at him, he managed to aim it at least forget When They Were together.

The second set of balls laying in the cave called Expired WAS 'fate'. Soon Skye and Girish found Themselves moving from 'devotion' to 'fate' as Their conversations and deepened They felt comfortable enough to acknowledge the attraction for each other They felt. Fate Was the next step - it could em lying on ground, in each other 's arms, caressing and kissing.
There Was a third set of balls laying in the cellar. It was called Expired 'love scene. Girish wanted to try that after 'fate', Skye Refused goal. She Said it Was a bit too intimate, May and shock him. It goes beyond 'friends' - That Was her argument. He felt That They Were already past 'friends' the Way They Were kissing, cuddling, and always spending time together ... but well, May be not yet, if she still hesitated aussi ... He Looked upon it as a challenge - she still Did not trust him fully, Was not safe of him, In Spite of the mutual attraction That sizzled Between em like electricity every time They met ... So he set himself on the goal of winning her trust. She of course Could See What Was Going On! She Was too wise not to! They Were enacting a combination of Their fantasies - She was a wild princess, and He Was a brave warrior, Trying to capture her heart. The princess WAS Certainly interested in the warrior wanted him to aim Prove himself - She Was not of the kind to throw herself at every charm That cam along! The warrior on the other hand WAS patient and Determined ... The more time he Spend with her, the more he Realized what a precious gem She Was, and He Was Certainly more than willing to wait and work to win her over.
In the meanwhile he HAD beens and thinking he HAD beens aussi exploring SL. He Was Beginning to get an idea of ​​what 'love scene' might be. Noticed That He Had avatars do not come 'equipped' with sexual organs, goal one can get freebies odd or buy 'em. The idea of ​​HAVING 'near real' sex in SL, started fascinating him.
There was really no reason why he Could not-have found out about 'love scene' On His Own. Almost daily he WAS Encountering Women Who Would Have happily and willingly jumped on Any poseball with him! Purpose he tried to keep gold Kept His distance from Those 'vultures'. There Were aussi several people he felt comfortable enough to ask the silliest questions. There Was Rayah, His mentor. There Was Cre8tive, with Whom He Had Such report Developed That he Considered her as His elder sister. There Was Rose - The Most industrious person he ever puts on SL, always willing to teach people anything and everything! Recently he HAD WAS aussi places and getting to know the very friendly and genial official owners of Perfect Paradise Island sim - HarpoonDodger and Miralee. Were there other community members like Alula n2witive, Mikele with Whom He Was Developing friendships comfortable ... Any of Them Would not have been more than willing to answer Any Questions he might not have asked, without embarrassing or ridiculing him.

And yet, Girish About did not talk to anyone else about His purpose Skye curiosity over 'love scene. He Kept On making Skye aware That He Was interested in discovering what 'love scene' was - but only if SHE wanted to show him, not by Any Other Means!
To be continued ....
Girish Navarathna

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