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SET SETAL (The Babel Corner)

From this result, we are starting a new feature in Paradise Echo - the Babel Corner! This Will Be one section in every issue in a language other than English. 
We are an international community After All so our newspaper must have space for Themselves Those who can not express too well in English. We invite all our non-English speaking members to please send contributions in your own language. You May wonder - what is the point if others do not understand? Well, we do-have things like 'google translator'! the English speakers, please think about the efforts a non-English speaker takes to understand you with the help of translators etc.. Why not take a little bit of force to see what our friend wants to share with us?
This month, we feature a hearwarming Article in French from PralineBarjowski Ghost. It is about a youth uprising in Senegal, All which is a classic example of how young people can be CONSTRUCTIVE When inspired! Do read and send in your opinions! 
Paradise Echo Editors

The manifesto of the Senegalese youth.
"Set" means clean and "Setal" make clean in Wolof, the most widely spoken language in Dakar. The phrase has a double meaning. It applies to the physical as well as moral cleanliness; it is equated with purity. Conversely, it induces dirt degrades man and society.
During the 80s, Senegal is experiencing a succession of social unrest. 
World Bank policy requires structural adjustment. 
The State Public Services disengages and no alternative solution is implemented.
Dakar, a city swollen by the rural exodus grows into utter anarchy.
Garbage is not collected, the garbage piled in the streets. The illegal connections to water supplies make non-potable water, sanitation is no longer ensured. Silted sewer backs up into the city.
Unemployment hits 30% of youth who falls into drugs, trafficking of all kinds and prostitution. 
The state begins to stigmatize the "unhealthy youth" and press speaks of "young Danger."
In this context, the singer Youssou N'Dour, extremely popular with the youth, released an album called "Set" (clean). 
"Clean ... in your mind, your actions cleanliness, cleanliness in your soul, cleanliness in your body ...", this is the credo of "Set", tube Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour, composed in 1990.
This tube causes a click in the spirit of the Senegalese youth.
"Set Setal" was born.
The neighborhood youngsters, armed with brooms, buckets, shovels and wheelbarrows began a major clean. 

The whole town sings "Clean your mind, cleanliness in your actions, and I encourage you ..."
The city sanitation movement spread rapidly throughout the national territory.
The NGO Enda Tiers Monde and UNESCO decided to support this movement.
Euphoria reigns in all neighborhoods in all cities.
Young seize tires, pieces of wood, stones, walls, brushes, colors and imagination. Under the very eyes of local elected officials, they frescoes adorn the freshly whitewashed walls, raise obelisks and create roundabouts to slow traffic, sidewalks to draw a line, create crosswalks, planting trees and flowers in pots canaries that offer their women.
Artists join the movement.
Dakar is endowed with heroic portraits, real or mythical, living or dead, Africa and elsewhere. These are all models of the "Set" available to the public.
Tales from the forest are painted to date: hyena playing football with the goat under the arbitration of lion, a message of harmony and tolerance.
On the occasion Lucky Luke and Mickey lend a helping hand.
The majority of frescoes deliver health advice, solidarity and citizenship.

Set the Setal definitely sign the manifesto of a burgeoning youth, full of universal values.
To date, the frescoes Pali gradually replaced by graffiti Hip-Hop generation, however the message remains rooted in the neighborhoods.
Thus, sports and cultural associations regularly organize operations set Setal.
One of them, the association Roller Addicted * is the source of a great wave that rolls and waves from one end to the other of Dakar. Slalom, dance, jump with springboard, freestyle, under the direction of their teacher, Babacar Ndiaye 200 skaters, girls and boys, offer regular street performances accompanied by awareness messages. The "FURAL" ** (party) appears primarily as a public demonstration: when Hooked Rollers deploy in neighborhoods, the day starts with a huge set-Setal.
Set the Setal is a movement of urban expression. It can be compared to the form of expression chosen by the designers of Western Street, Paris, New York, Rio or Berlin. However, the comparison stops there. The "graphs" western express mostly tension and some violence.
The "graphs" in Africa generally are holders of civil posts and hopes.

PralineBarjowski Ghost
* Association Addicted Roller:
Born in May 2003 to develop and promote the practice and Roller Skate in Dakar and Senegal. Their objective is to promote effective citizenship practice the sport.
The FURAL ** is a Wolof term for popular party.
The illustrations are taken from the excellent online publication Massimo Repetti "Marking Dakar: A Topography of the Imaginary"   http://xcp.bfn.org/repetti.html

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