Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Keys to Happiness (part one)

I have a question for you: would you like to be more happy? And do you hear yourself answer: Yes, BUT .....?
I must confess, while I did not Spend MOST of my life in the depths of depression, I Certainly Was not what I would describe as HAPPY MOST of the time. I felt: stressed, overloaded and ... grumpy. My Life Was Ruled by ideas of duty and responsibility, getting things 'done' and Being 'perfect'. Now I'm not saying Those things are not important goal I never Gave the idea of ​​happiness much thought. It Seemed to come and go without my control, like a beautiful bird flying into the room and Then flying out again. 
In recent years I have changed my attitude quite a bit Towards Reviews some of my Priorities and at the same time Some learned skill to ask this 'little bird' to come back more and to linger along Quickly and longer. :-)
A couple of the main catalysts for this change-have-been Suddenly Being Diagnosed with a Potentially fatal illness Some years ago and then, well, just getting older and Realising, Shorter time is ever in this body and Because of That, ever more precious. 
So here are a pair of pointers I would like to share with you:
The Importance of Happiness.
Have you ever Asked yourself, why we do what we do? Why do we, run the Effective money, long for the perfect relationship, stress over how we look, consume endless stuff, go on diets, take drugs (legal or Otherwise ;-)) and and and? The bottom line is: we believe, in the short or longterm, that 'all things thesis Will make us happy. Strangely, my experience has-beens, while all this is nice, none of it Actually Makes us happy. Surprised? Just look around! gold in the mirror! It Seems, the harder we try and the faster we go with all this, the stressier Becomes life and happiness EVADED us for the MOST part. 
Another very important aspect of happiness is, how it influences our physical health. What the sages of old-have always known, modern scientists are finally catching up with and Their research is Becoming clearer all the time, how life is a happy attitude for a healthy body, not to mention the example we give our children and loved ones and our general emotional and energetic contribution Towards the people we meet and Ultimately every living thing on the planet.

Many spiritual-minded people believe That the only reason we exist is to be happy and enjoy our lives and our learnings and while I found it hard at first to think That there is no 'higher' purpose to life, now I find this idea to be refreshing and liberating.
In the next I will share Echo Some easy tips That Have Worked for me, is how to reach this wonderful state That So Easily EVADED us.

With love
Miracle Masala

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