Monday, October 4, 2010

Une boule d'espérance / Les feuilles d'automne

Do not make snowmen!
They are so sad and unhappy!
Maybe they think those of last year
Who lived only a few days.
Maybe they are afraid of the sun or light.
Perhaps they suffer from dying too quickly
Before you know what life is, what love.
Maybe they want to have a heart.
If you can give them
Fashion them carefully
And do not forget to put in their chest
A Ball of Hope!!

I would be wind.
I can wander at ease.
I dance with the strands of hair and skirts girls
I hiss of anger,
Or that I whisper in the foliage.
I caress fatigue and sad faces,
I sing with raindrops,
I abandoned farm gates
I castigates consciences charged
I sleep in the newly mown hay,
But above all, I meet
All autumn leaves together
So they do not die alone ....

by Smara Senizen

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