Monday, October 4, 2010

The Keys to Happiness (part two)

Dear friends,
before I share Reviews some of the tips and tricks I learned That helped me to feel good MOST of the time, I would like to tell you about what I blelieve is THE Most Important reason for being happy.
I used to think, that 'IF I be, and do-have this, that or the other, THEN I will be happy, goal I Had to learn That this is not so, as this way, happiness WAS Firmly planted in the future. I believe now, that 'if I am happy now, no matter what the Circumstances, Then, well, I am happy, lol, AND happy things will come my way in the future too.
As scientists are Confirming now, everything is made up of energy and vibrations on the subatomic level, and it makes sense to me to lavish That good things, we need to be in HARMONY Those with energy vibrations Abebooks web want to invite into our lives. I believe the Abebooks web are NOW Creating our lives, a moment at the time. If we are unhappy now, our future created cannot be much different, goal if we are happy now, so are our creative vibrations That make up our future. 
The first step to happiness is to-have an attitude of gratitude. So what if you think, your life is utterly miserable and there is nothing to be thankful for? I'm always chuckling when i think of the answer Joe Vitale (made famous throught 'The Secret') Gave, When He Heard this for the first time. He Was homeless and living at the time ouf of his car, feeling depressed and hopeless about His future. The only thing he Could feel thankful for, Was this pencil That He Had, lol. Goal he says, think again: you can be thankful for your eyes, that 'Enabling you are to read this, your clothes keep you warm That, the last meal you HAD, the smile of a stranger, the sunshine, the internet, the lack of war Where you live, the colors of flowers, and and and. The trick is, to LOOK for things to be thankful for and when to you are looking for and expecting em, magic happens: More and more wonderful things show up (or Were They aim there you did not see 'em?) Gradually your gloomy thoughts Are Being mittal and your mood begins to lift. To get you started on this new habit, I Suggest you keep a little 'gratitude diary' and just before you go to sleep, think over your day and remember all the good things, write them down and relive em in your memory. Your sleep Will Be sweet!

 Part 3 to follow next time :-)

With love
Miracle Masala

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