Saturday, July 26, 2014


WE HAD FINISHED OUR SATURDAY MEETING, and in general conversation we were talking about InWorldz and Second Life's new format which is being developed:
[2014/07/26 15:55] PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Did anyone go over to InWorldz to Sunshine's opening?
[2014/07/26 15:55] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): that's where I was
[2014/07/26 15:55] Xandria Novo (Xandria Menna): what is inworldz ?
[2014/07/26 15:55] Xandria Novo (Xandria Menna): a new sim ?
[2014/07/26 15:56] Zobeid Zuma: IT's another grid.
[2014/07/26 15:56] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): not exactly new. it's like SL but more like the old SL
[2014/07/26 15:56] Zobeid Zuma: Not connected with SL.
[2014/07/26 15:56] Miralee Munro: It's still in a very primitive stage … but very similar to SL.
[2014/07/26 15:56] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): yeah
[2014/07/26 15:56] Xandria Novo (Xandria Menna): oh ok
[2014/07/26 15:57] Miralee Munro: I created an account over there four years ago, but haven't really used it all that much.
[2014/07/26 15:57] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): yeah I saw your profile
[2014/07/26 15:57] Miralee Munro: I've only just peeped in lately to see how Sunshine is going.
[2014/07/26 15:58] Messy (wizzit Resident): inworldz is the place you go ,when you are really pissed of with SL ,,,,but you come home just as fast as you when there
[2014/07/26 15:58] PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Yeah, it's like having a holiday
[2014/07/26 15:58] Zobeid Zuma: I have both hope and fears for SL2.
[2014/07/26 15:59] Another Member: My fear is they'll make it too expensive or too demanding. Though if sims can handle more people and run more stable it would be good
[2014/07/26 15:59] Miralee Munro: Well, it's good to have a back up plan.
[2014/07/26 15:59] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): well for one, they're not abandoning SL
[2014/07/26 16:00] Miralee Munro: I've created Paradise Artist Colony and Perfect Paradise Community over in InWorldz ... just in case.
[2014/07/26 16:00] Zobeid Zuma: My fear is that they'll botch the design or programming. Because this is LL we're talking about.
[2014/07/26 16:00] Messy (wizzit Resident): mmm good idea
[2014/07/26 16:00] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): secondly, I think the point is that SL can't really be imporved without breaking backwards compatibility
[2014/07/26 16:01] Miralee Munro: What does that mean Miriam? "Breaking backwards compatibility?"
[2014/07/26 16:01] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): so I think SL2 is actually going to perform better
[2014/07/26 16:01] Zobeid Zuma: They can improve a lot of things by cutting out the parts of SL that are obsolete.
[2014/07/26 16:01] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): well that means that it won't be compatible with older content from SL
[2014/07/26 16:02] Miralee Munro: Contents as in trees and furniture and things that people have made here in the past?
[2014/07/26 16:02] Another Member: They try to integrate as much as they can , but probably not everything
[2014/07/26 16:03] Zobeid Zuma: It will be designed to work with Oculus, and that will change a lot.
[2014/07/26 16:03] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): some things may still work but that's not going to be their main goal, and it shouldn't be. or there would be no point in creating a new platform
[2014/07/26 16:03] Miralee Munro: Well, they've always said that SL was built on a flawed platform.
[2014/07/26 16:04] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): depends on your definition of flawed
[2014/07/26 16:04] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): just outdated
[2014/07/26 16:04] Suusje Heberle: so is this the place where the cool bohemian, free minded SL players go?
[2014/07/26 16:04] Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): The thing that makes SL so wonderful is the people here.
[2014/07/26 16:04] Zobeid Zuma: Yes. Also me.
[2014/07/26 16:03] Miralee Munro): That sounds like you are describing Commune Utopia, Suusje lol
[2014/07/26 16:05] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): yes and people who are stuck being a cloud and nothing wants to work right...
[2014/07/26 16:05] Miralee Munro: but I like to think we're bohemian and cool
[2014/07/26 16:05] Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): what, not free minded?
[2014/07/26 16:05] Zobeid Zuma: Nothing in SL is built to scale. Or you might say, it's all built to "wonky scale".
[2014/07/26 16:06] Zobeid Zuma: That's largely because of the crazy way the camera follows you, looking over your head.
[2014/07/26 16:06] PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): This is fascinating ... Zo and Miriam ...
[2014/07/26 16:06] Zobeid Zuma: But if SL2 is built by people using Oculus, to look good with Oculus, then the perspective will be much more natural, and maybe things will be built to a normal scale.
[2014/07/26 16:07] Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): I solved many problems by updating drivers on the graphics card
[2014/07/26 16:07] Miralee Munro): I don't know anything about Occulus Zo. Can I download that now?
[2014/07/26 16:08] Zobeid Zuma: It's a virtual reality headset! Like goggles, you know?
[2014/07/26 16:08] Zobeid Zuma: So you put them on, and it's like you are inside SL.
[2014/07/26 16:08] Suusje Heberle: oke ,that sounds good though
[2014/07/26 16:08] Miralee Munro): That's exactly how I felt when I first came to SL … I just wanted to be IN it! I wanted to climb through the screen and live here!
[2014/07/26 16:08] Messy (wizzit Resident): hahahah a nice way of putting it
[2014/07/26 16:09] Zobeid Zuma: Well, it should be possible Real Soon Now. 
[2014/07/26 16:09] Suusje Heberle: well, just be carefull not to end up in the wrong Role play sims than
[2014/07/26 16:10] Zobeid Zuma: They already have a test viewer working with the prototype goggles. But the user interface is very limited. It needs reworking.
[2014/07/26 16:10] Suusje Heberle: much nicer from behind the keyboard
[2014/07/26 16:10] Messy (wizzit Resident): someone was telling me the other day that with those glasses you will soon be able to walk along the street with your AV beside
[2014/07/26 16:11] Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): That is true Suu
[2014/07/26 16:11] Zobeid Zuma: I played a game with a VR rig once. It was fun.
[2014/07/26 16:11] Zobeid Zuma: It's been a long, long time coming to something you can buy and use at home tho.
[2014/07/26 16:11] Miralee Munro): SO SL will be a lot more IMMERSIVE then?
[2014/07/26 16:13] PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Well, that's really encouraging news then Zo and Miriam
[2014/07/26 16:16] Zobeid Zuma: Which means they have lots of money to complete its development and get it into production. They *should* be available before the end of the year, fingers crossed.
[2014/07/26 16:16] Zobeid Zuma: Right now only programmers can get them.
[2014/07/26 16:16] Zobeid Zuma: They sell dev kits.
[2014/07/26 16:17] PARADISE ARTIST COLONY (Miralee Munro): Did you say that you have them?
[2014/07/26 16:17] Zobeid Zuma: And Facebook will probably make their own virtual world of some sort. I have doubts whether it will be much like SL though.
[2014/07/26 16:17] Zobeid Zuma: No... I am waiting just like everyone else. (And I hope my eye trouble is cleared up by then!)
(Photo is of my little 'home' spot in InWorldz).

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