Saturday, July 26, 2014

Conversation at Fridays dance

SOMETIMES we have a wonderful conversations that just come out of nowhere. Such was the case yesterday at our Friday Dance Party … one minute we were all dancing enthusiastically to The Eagles, and the next minute Windy arrived, handing out tee-shirts to 'Free Tibet'. This is the (edited) conversation that evolved from that:

Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): ooh Windy, can I have some of that free Tibet?
Windy (Windchant Ikarus): yes!
Miralee Munro): Oh, it's soooo tragic what's happening in Tibet.
Miralee Munro: Windy, we should do an exhibition or something about what's happening in Tibet. I'm sure Shenn will be involved too.
Miralee Munro: I find it hard to forgive any nation which takes over another. Tibet should be controlled by the Tibetans, not the Chinese.
Zen (Zen Arado): seems the whole pattern of history country taking over another
Miralee Munro): Yeah ... Ireland for the Irish; Tibet for the Tibetans; China for the Chinese … look after your own country and stop taking over others!
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): Free the world :-)
Lyle (Lyle Lindman): nods And just to become aware what we humans do with the planet. We use the oceans as our personal waste disposal and steal the last healthy places in nature from the animals 
Strix the naked Musicman (Strix6 Resident): All that people do for money
Miralee Munro): I feel quite overwhelmed with how many injustices there are ... and we are becoming more aware of more issues.
Miralee Munro): Perhaps we should have 'cause of the month' to highlight political/environmental/social justice issues?
Zen (Zen Arado): good idea too.
Shambala Pearl: wonders if its possible to some how become the antidote to all the sorrow instead of generating more of it
Miralee Munro): Yeah ... exactly Shambala!
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): We can do it Shambala!!
Shambala Pearl: Einstein said.. you can't solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it
Miralee Munro): Exactly ....
Miralee Munro): that's what I'm finding at the moment ... that I feel like I am feeding on that hate and feeling frustrated.
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): Mostly just need to fall in love with our world and ourselves
Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): heh I know the feeling Mira
Shambala Pearl: so focusing on the problem.. magnifying them, adding more energy to the problem.. isn't really the answer
Zen (Zen Arado): it's the oldpatterns and traditions keep repeating
Shambala Pearl: i just found a quote by mother theresa
Shambala Pearl: she was asked to attend a anit-war rally and she said she never would.. but asked them to let her know if they every hold a peace rally.. she would surely attend that
Miralee Munro): Yes ... wonderful sentiment Shambala. Facebook is full of inspirational sayings which give us inspiration for that moment ...but I find that I soon slip back into 'hating' the injustice.
Shambala Pearl: its a very powerful statement about how to hold your focus
Miralee Munro): Yes! Make our default setting 'love' instead of rage and anger about injustice.
Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): that's really hard though
Lyle (Lyle Lindman): Love is a big thing. You know Mira, I would be okay if people would treat each other with more respect and dignity. Become a bit more humble and modest. As soon as you give people power and money they transform into dicks.
Miralee Munro): my default setting is want to grab the aggressor by the throat and throttle them ... lol
Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin): injustice is just the one thing that really pushes my buttons
Zen (Zen Arado): yeh have to start with ourselves, and that's hard enough
Shambala Pearl: thats when you become just like then
Miralee Munro): Totally agree Lyle ... I know that in my heart and head but when I see these injustices, I find that I am stirred to anger, not love.
Miralee Munro): I know Shambala … I am fighting my own intrinsic nature.
Miralee Munro): Yeah, me too Miriam ... injustice.
Miralee Munro): Fairness is just so easy ... treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
Zen (Zen Arado): a desire for revenge is one of the worst feelings I think
Zen (Zen Arado): perpetuates suffereing
Shambala Pearl: i like to speak in terms of antidotes
Miriam Mondegreen (Sylvain Devin) nods.
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): When we use up natural resources without thought for efficiency
Shambala Pearl: what counter balances the injust
Shambala Pearl: you know its been said that an hour of prayer by multitudes can bring the war to a standstill .. at least for that hour
Miralee Munro): You know, I am a Number 6, the number of extremes and BALANCE is one of my life lessons ... that I am obviously still working on.
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): we hurt the people of the future
Miralee Munro): I guess the answer is to focus on the Tibetans and their need
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): meditation :) yes.. has great power for peace
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): yes I think so Tera
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): its not easy to focus on people that are so far away
Zen (Zen Arado): true
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): first comes your own surroundings - which includes my sl friends ♥
Zen (Zen Arado): people getting killed every day in Israel/Palestine
Shambala Pearl: yes
Shambala Pearl: and even closer... self start with self
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): in SA there is so much hectic stuff
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): transferring the energy around the world
Miralee Munro): I guess it's all about HOLDING THE SPACE of love and peace and justice and making that stronger in energy.
Shambala Pearl: just like your island Mira… holding the space
Miralee Munro) smiles
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): I think music is a great way to keep calm and peaceful and positive
Zen (Zen Arado): yep
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): or art in general
Miralee Munro): Yes ...
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): being creative in any way, building in SL even.
Zen (Zen Arado): music brings people together
Miralee Munro): Lifting energy in whatever way we can.
Zen (Zen Arado): like monkeys groom each other
Shambala Pearl: nods
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): hehe yes
Zen (Zen Arado): music does that for humans
Sunshine (szavanna Resident) grooms Shambala
Miralee Munro): Thank you Shambala ... for bringing us back to a place of peace ... for reminding me anyway.

Zen (Zen Arado): seems relationship breakups are a great song source
Miralee Munro): It's only love …it comes and goes … ebbs and flows … rises and falls.
Zen (Zen Arado): like all life
Miralee Munro): "It's all just part of life's rich tapestry ... sometimes you get golden threads and sometimes you get string."
Zen (Zen Arado): sometimes it all unravels :)

Sunshine (szavanna Resident): anyone has heard of something like "the great forgetting"
Miralee Munro): I think so ...
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): I think I have had that at times Sunshine
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): what I mean is ... there was a time when we used to be part of the world in a different way
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): oh yes!!
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): we were not trying to rule everything
Miralee Munro): From Google: "It was paleontology that exposed the Great Forgetting. It did so by making it unarguably clear that humans had been around long, long before any conceivable date for the planting of the first crop and the beginning of civilization.
Paleontology made untenable the idea that humanity, agriculture, and civilization all began at roughly the same time. History and archaeology had put it beyond doubt that agriculture and civilization were just a few thousand years old, but paleontology put it beyond doubt that humanity was millions of years old. Paleontology made it impossible to believe that Man had been born an agriculturist and a civilization-builder. Paleontology forced us to conclude that Man had been born something else entirely -- a forager and a homeless nomad -- and this is what had been forgotten in the Great Forgetting."
Miralee Munro): Yeah ... but somewhere along the line we decided that we just wanted to stay in one place and settle there , rather than wander.
Tera (TeresaPrairie Resident): Unlees you were some Tribes of Native Americans, or Africans
Miralee Munro): I guess it's logical that everyone wanted to settle in a place that had water, good soil for crops, protection from weather extremes.
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): I am here in Africa may be I can learn something here
Chraeloos: Hm, the longest I've stayed in one place has been 18
Sunshine (szavanna Resident): but something went realy wrong hmm
Strix the naked Musicman (Strix6 Resident): Farming was invented in ancient china and the key to it was the making of ceramic pots to keep the seeds in
Zen (Zen Arado): I never lived longer than a year anyplace when I lived in Oz
Chraeloos: yes, in the past four years I've had...let me count...six different houses. Yes, I am a bit tired of it..been going between the same two cities back and would love to try some place new.
Miralee Munro: I've been travelling for about seven years now and just want to settle down in my own house and have a garden and stay in one place.
Strix the naked Musicman (Strix6 Resident): Adam in the bible actually did an exodus from Ethiopia to be a king somewhere , He brought is family and found the valley of eden that is now in Saudis. There he made up the myth of him and eve just to make history start with him, just like so many other kings wanted to.

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