Sunday, November 1, 2009


Approaches have my birthday I can not help think back over this goal last year of mine, Which Was No doubt, one of the best AND one of the worst. I have gone through Such long, and for me, extreme highs and lows and here I am, a year later, and It Would APPEAR, that 'In Spite of all this agony and ecstasy, I have not outwardly Moved from the spot. Recently some party Told Me That They felt, They Had not made 'enough progress' in Their Lives and That They Had expected to be 'further along' at this point-in-time, and this WAS Causing em shame, guilt and disappointment.
I think it Would be helpful to challenge expectations and thesis to find out Where They are coming from. I believe, along with all other beliefs we hold about Ourselves and the world, we-have 'em learned from our parents, friends, the media, our idols etc., in short. From society. The same society taught us That Is That is more significant to be right than kind; to be more significant than young wise; more importantly to be healthy and more beautiful than to strive relentlessly for significant 'progress', than to be ble to enjoy the precious moments of our lives in THE NOW!
In Many of the wonderful books I have read it talks about the 'perfectness' of it all:
all events and All Their timing and while I'm learning to adjust the way I look at the world, I would like to share one part of a life-changing experience with you, that 'I was fortunate enough to-have had.
I was 20 years old and my life up to this item HAD beens a string of confusion and Disappointments. All my plan of learning a worthwhile profession HAD failed miserably and I saw nothing but closed doors all around me. I was desperately unhappy and HAD gone traveling to escape this unbearable misery.
While I Had an experience abroad, That Was to turn my life around I will aim only talk of one appearance here today.
I had a 'vision' of standing on top of a mountain. Represented the mountain all my life and I Could see all around with nothing blocking my view. Then I saw a straight red line making icts way from the bottom all the way to standing and Where I Was That Was Representing my 'path' up to this moment. (How very different from MY idea of ​​my past life, so seemingly disjointed and without direction!)
In my head I Heard a voice explaining to me how Each and every moment of my life HAD served as a learning step for the next one to come. And how all of 'em made up a' perfect 'path of learning and progress. All the little and big steps Were Explained in detail to me, WHAT and HOW I Had Learned That Was Exactly needed for the next step, Culminating in this glorious moment of total understanding.
While I Stood there, I already Knew, that 'this moment of' Knowing 'Would pass, That I must back down' down 'into the' jungle of life ', into not seeing, not Knowing and not understanding. HOWEVER the comfort I felt through Knowing and seeing the sense of it all, just this once, Has seldom left me ever since.
So my friends, as I'm about to celebrate my next birthday, I like to invite you to celebrate your life, all of what happened and Has not Happened yet and rest assured,  
Miracle Masala

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