Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Am Your Lovely Avatar

Sculpt from me Among the colored spots
That play across your screen.
Mold me from the zillion shapes
you buy from folks unseen.
Clothe me with a trillion threads
All which no knitter HAS entwined.
Move me through a million poses
just to Satisfy your mind.

I am your lovely avatar ...
the gasoline That is You.
I bring life to your virtual SELF ...
the positive and the blue.

I am the person you Would Be
if Life Were Fair and pleasant.
I am the person you are right now
just more glorious and resplendent.

Shape and sculpt and mold and clothe
That I am the creature
Breathe into me your very kind
I am your brightest level.

Like Dorian age I cannot -
this binding is My Elan
forever young, forever fresh -
And so, wicked realities map -
confusing for every lovers tryst
is to break up this pretty.

I am your lovely avatar.
The Fuel That Is You.
I bring to life your very soul
All which the creature is True ....
                                      .... In you.

Mikele Ihnen

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