Tuesday, December 1, 2009


On August 2. Seeming tragedy struck 2008 my life. After visiting someone's house and as I was walking down the gravel path back to my car, I slipped and fell. Nothing HAD Prepared me for this momentus event, no bad feeling when i awoke That Day, no premonition That I was going to face one of the biggest challenges of my life on this seemingly ordinary day.
Stunned by the sudden fall, I Looked down my leg and saw my foot at an odd angle sideways. I struggled to get up, thinking if I Could just get to my car, All which was just A Few meters away, I would be fine, I Could make it home, be safe ..... Trying to hop on one leg on the unsteady gravel I fell again. Realised I finally heading Amount of determination WAS going to get me home, It was time to yield to my 'fate' and so started shouting for help.
As it turned out, I Had done a proper job to smash up my leg and foot: three bones, inlc. Were broken my shin and I had a long road of operations, bread, crutches, wheelchair, infection, hospital appointments, endless rounds of drugs, physiotherapy and acupuncture ahead of me.
My only consolation in Those Days Was That WAS my requirement Neither fatal nor contagious and That WAS my face still intact. At first I was Determined to not let me get this down (after all, I'm a positive thinker, right?) And WAS looking forward to all the the wonderful 'free' time ahead, filled with reading, art and Spent time in SL. HOWEVER, the total loss of indepence, Being stuck indoors, has fillthy house, my unhelpful children, a husband: stressed, bread 24/7 and sleepless nights finally got the better of me and I thoroughly Gradually goal fell to the depths of despair, Where I Remained The Entire Following winter.
I remember one day sitting in my wheelchair in the entrance of the hospital waiting to be picked up after one of countless check ups and seeing Dozens of other hapless patients like myself and watching people walking in and out and looking so; many of 'em: stressed and unhappy and wondering to myself, 'what are they so unhappy about? They CAN WALK! ' Indeed as my recovery has-been unfolding, and inspite the fact, that I'm still dealing with long-term complications, the 'gift of walking' never CEASES to delight me. WOW, I CAN get up in the morning to go to the bathroom! I CAN make myself a cup to tea! I CAN work! I CAN drive my car! I CAN, I CAN, I CAN! Life Seems filled with blissful times.
I sometimes hear people say: 'I have nothing to be thankful for.' They can not walk? see? hear? smell? touch? Their stomachs are not full? do not they sleep in a warm bed? Do they not all-have information available on the planet to help em create a better life, If They so choose?
If I am ever Tempted To think, my life is just not good enough to make me happy, I remember what it was like to-have everything taken away from me in one second and only Realising THEN, how wonderfully blessed I Had beens before and Indeed am, every second of my life.

Miracle Masala

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