Monday, March 1, 2010

Courtesy, Respect And Love!

Dear Friends,
In November We had a visitor on the Perfect Paradise Island - Kaname Oleander Have you amused; many of us by her hobby of jumping off the cliffs! Unfortunately Some computer issues cropped up-have That Prevented her from returning to SL again. HOWEVER, She has joined our ning website, and this is what she wrote in her profile:
What Attracted you to the Island and to join us?
Being a about a week old in Sl back in November, I did not really know what i was doing. I was visiting random places on the map of MOST All which, Effective A Few minutes did not like because i got lonley / bored / people made fun of me. When i finally Discovered the island i felt really good about it. It did not matter if i ended up being alone again Because the island was so peaceful and beautiful with all green leafy surroundings icts and shiny water .. i could complain.There was so much to look at and the cliffs were great to jump off of.
It was the first time in aussi sl That Actually people Welcomed me to a new place.The nudists Were cool. They Did not poke fun at the appearance of my av.
What is the main thing you feel you (will) get out of hand Being of PP?
Friends having a good time .. wondering about the island. I wish i could say more but i was not there for very long. My laptop's logic board got fried.
Let's revel in the praise and Know That all our efforts of welcoming visitors and Generally Being nice are not going unnoticed! Let's keep spreading the cultivation of courtesy, respect and love!
Girish Navarathna

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