Monday, March 1, 2010

To my virtual valentine

I wear my honesty with you like a cloak
real life around my shoulders.
It's with you That I can totally be my Self
and yet not.
You do not see my flaws irrepressible -
you see what my cloak of Honesty
and my heart wishes to reveal to you -
my loveliest of Wishes,
my sweetest Dream.
The truth I wear makes me
Wholly invisible object known to one
: such as you.
For you see not the stuff out of All which I am
so imperfectly made goal
Constructed the representation
That is me -
Complete and utterly pure
without scent, taste, touch, sight or sound
Those blessed aim Transmitted via imagination.
Ergo, my beauty Whom I know
in all the ways your family knows you not fleshly -
shroud yourself in a cloak of honesty
along with me
and let us forget realities cock
by dancing under a false moon
making a promise of love
imaginary by candlelight.

Mikele Ihnen

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