Monday, March 1, 2010

A Dream

It Should Have In Some share a place on the Earth in All which no nation Could Say: "It is mine"; Where every human being willingly, that 'Had a sincere aspiration, could live as a free citizen of the world, only obeying an authority, the one of the supreme truth; a peace place of concord, of harmony, Where all fight instinct WAS Exclusively used to win the case and of Their Sufferings of Their poverty, to Overcome Their Weaknesses and Their ignorance, to triumph about Their limitations and Their inabilities, a place Where the Needs of the spirit and the interest in the progress prevailed about the satisfaction of the desires and passions of the, of the search for the pleasure and the joy material. 
In That Place, the Children Could grow to Develop and integrally without losing touch with the Their soul; the education Would Be Given, not to pass exams in gold certificates to Obtain gold positions, yes for Enriching of the existing abilities and the establishment of other new ones.   
In this place, the titles and searches Would be set in the opportunity of to serve and to organizes; the corporal Needs of Each One Would Be Provided Equally and the intellectual, moral and spiritual superiority Would translate herself in the general organization, not for an increment of pleasures and powers in the life, aim for an increment of the obligations and Responsibilities.   
The whole beauty in Their artistic forms: the painting, sculpture, music, literature, They Would Be available the whole ones Equally, the easiness of Participating in the pleasure Would Be That They provide only limited for the capacity of Each One and not for the social or financial position.   
In this ideal place Would not the money be more Lord; the individual value Would Have a lot of more importance than the material wealth or the social position.   
The work Would not be a middle to win the life, goal self-expression of way and development of the own Capacities and possibilities, Being at the same time a service to the whole community offert, that 'Would Provide time for icts to the Each One means clustering of subsistence and work sphere. In Highest, It Would be a place Where the human relationships That are Commonly That Almost Exclusively based in the rivalry and in the fight, They Would Be Substituted by incentive relationships to the improvement, the real cooperation and fraternity   
La Madre 1954

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