Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Affirmations Of Spiritual Commu/inity

So A Few days ago at a children of Plato's guardians meet the issue of passing on the wisdom of 'em to Their Parents led to the feeling That It Would sccm Each generation fights the next and the last - Seems human nature; )
But a Few years back the first incarnation of my life SL friend Jesz received [sourced, channeled] a set of positive intimate truths [statements] for encoding A Healthier attitude of Being.
These are the 'Affirmations of Evolutionary Community `which I'm sharing here, add shoulds goal aussi That there has to impliment em means clustering as a basic even for a new way of Being. By year advanced triading group learning to truly [really] Understand and live by 'em Both Individually and in group and beyond.
I am open I am Grateful I am Trusting I am Being 3X

I am Open 3X
I am open to the fullest potential of compassionate loving intimacy with Each and every Being That I might encounter 3X
I am Open 3X

I am Grateful 3X
I am grateful for the nourishing Many Opportunities for growth aware offert by Each and every Being and situations I find along my path 3X
I am Grateful 3X

I am Trusting 3X
I am trusting in the world I build in awarely compassionate wisdom with all other beings of light and awareness 3X
I am Trusting 3X

I Being 3X year
I am Being the actual item of Awareness about All which suits Many of my existence orbit 3X
I am Being 3X
I am connecting the joy of Being Awareness Between the Actual and the Real 3X
I am Being 3X
I am Being the full field of Awareness of all existence That is the experience of the Reality; All as One as 3X
I am Being 3X

I am Being beyond Being, beyond gasoline inate Experience, beyond existence, beyond Reality; None have as One 3X

I am Being beyond Being 3X
 beyond, beyond, beyond 3X

Being grateful open trusting 3X

Xeno Octavia

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