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The legend of Vlad

The history of Vlad Dracula is surrounded by myth and legend I had a really tough time sorting out the facts from the legends, the truth is That nobody is too sure what is what. We do Know That He Was the character That Was the inspiration for Bram Stokers Novel "Dracula" being the very famous Count Dracula. Then Brought the book about the vampires very well known That are to this day and made Vlad the Impaler a famous character from history.
Vlad the Impaler-Tepes (pronounced tzse-pesh) Was Born in the town of Sighisoara in Transylvania (now known as northern Romania) in 1431 and later Ruled the area of ​​Southern Romania known as Wallachia. His father WAS Vlad Dracul Who Was a knight in the Order of the Dragon Which Was a union of Central and Eastern European rulers Who Were a tad worried about the rising Ottoman Empire.
The Order of the Dragon's coat of arms Was a dragon (the Ottomans) and a cross (Christianity). Vlad Dracul bore this coat of arms on everything, flags, wedges, and his seal. Attracted it the nickname of "Dracul" I believe coming from the story of the evil dragon in St. George and the Dragon, Dracul meaning Devil in Romanian.
The second his soon WAS born to Vlad Dracul - that Being Vlad II - therefore the name Developed an "a" Representing the son of Dracul - "DRACULA", the son of the Devil.
The word "Tepes" in Romanian means "impaler" and was so named Vlad Because of His cruel and gruesome habit of impaling humans and leaving 'em to rot in the sun as a means clustering of punishing His enemies. 
In fact, Vlad WAS called Expired Tepes (the Impaler) only Effective His death in 1476. Impalement WAS Considered a PARTICULARLY gruesome form of execution, the victim WAS stuck on a sharp stake Usually the width of a big burly man's arm (ohhh that's gotta hurt !). Said to Vlad WAS Especially enjoyed mass executions, Where Were impaled several victims at once, and Their stakes hoisted upright. As They hung suspended above the ground, the weight of Their bodies Would slowly drag em downwards, Causing the sharpened end of the stake to pierce Their internal organs Causing a slow painful death. In order to better enjoy thesis mass spectacles, Vlad Routinely ordered a banquet table set up in front of His victims, and enjoy a leisurely Would supper amid the pitiful sights and sounds of the dying. That I'm glad I was not around in Those Days to be Invited to one of Vlad's dinner parties.
It is Estimated That killed Vlad Some 20,000 men, women and children - the Amount of people he killed varies from anywhere Between 20,000 to 500,000. He Showed no mercy and His Enemies Often tortured before killing 'em.
At the same time That Became notorious Vlad For His sadism, He Was Respected by His subjects aussi Because of His fierce Campaigns against the Turks. He Was a Respected as a warrior and a stern ruler Have you tolerated no crime against His people, and His reign Erected falling on several monasteries. He Was a hero That Was Both Feared and worshiped by His people. 
Purpose maybe there WAS a bit more to Vlad's murderous bloodthirsty clothes than we first thought. In 1985 an Idaho physician Dr. Thomas McDevitt Suggested That he Suffered from May-have a weird allergic reaction to blood. He Claimed That In Some allergic reactions to a substance Given, Sufferers Developed aussi year addiction to That Same substance, and if Deprived of it Could They react in a highly strange and deranged Manner. Could Vlad of just throwing a tantrum beens every time he craved blood? Portraits of the prince depict him with dark circles beneath His eyes, puffy cheeks and a sallow complexion pallid - classic characteristics of Some Types of allergy victim.
There are various descriptions of the death of Dracula. Review: The most popular Being That He Was killed in battle against the Turks near Bucharest in December 1476. Aussi It was Said That He Was disloyal Wallachian boyars murdered by just as He Was about to Overcome the Turks and send 'em packing. Other stories describe the Impaler falling in defeat, surrounded by rotting bodies of His loyal Moldavian troops. There Is Another account of Vlad accidently Being struck down at the moment of victory by one of His own men (now that's a nasty accident).
Whatever happened to Vlad's body? Well that's surrounded by plenty of legends as well, none can be confirmed:
The general thought Vlad Amongst historians and experts Is That the body of Vlad the Impaler WAS entombed near the alter in a Snagov Monastery Located on an Island in the middle of a lake accessed only by boat. It is well Documented That His head was taken and put on display in Constantinople for all to see That the terrible reign of this man WAS truly over.
In 1931-1932, archaeologist Dinu Rosetti, under orders from the Romanian Academy, visited the Snagov Monastery in hope of discovering the body of Vlad Dracula.
What he Discovered WAS looted grave inside the monastery, local legend Told of how the body of Vlad Dracula lay in one step from the doorway of the monastery. Not believing this legend He Went to the worn out and hammered tombstone in front of the alter. Rosetti found beneath the grave empty. He Continued to dig and pre-christian altar, with bones of sacrificial animals.
He Decided to give the legend a go - he Researched the floor in front of the entranceway. He soon found an unmarked grave That Was a looted and Appeared to Be That of a nobleman. He Took photographs of all the inventory of the tomb. The clothes of the body pointed to a rich man. A ring WAS later Identified as a tournament ring of the kind Given at Nuremberg. The skeleton HOWEVER, still had it's head. As before MENTIONED It is well Documented That WAS Vlad's head decapitated and feel to Constantinople.
Dinu Rosetti Went forth and Announced That He Had uncovered the remains of Vlad Tepes Dracula purpose the leading historian of the time, Constantin Gurescu Dismissed thesis claims. Dinu Rosetti's claim is not reconnu as a true one.
Its true at Snagov Monastery That Suffers great humidity and MOST of the remnants of bodies and skeletons located in. the monastery decomposed extremely Quickly and much WAS That has-been found beyond recognition, if the body of Vlad Were There it probably decomposed and rotted into the ground Could before anyone ever see it for Themselves. 
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