Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Skye and Girish Story... 3

One day, As They Stood outside the cave, Rather unexpectedly turned to Skye and Girish Asked him to choose the animation of His choice. They Had the three sets of pose balls lined up before 'em -' Devotion ',' Fate '... and' Lovescene. Considering Girish's curiosity over 'Lovescene' It was obvious what he Would choose Given a chance! Skye started odd Moving Towards 'Lovescene' Assuming That he Would Be jumping on it. He Almost DID goal just before he clicked on the blue ball, he paused ... and something 'Devotion'. She Was surprised, he Could That sense. "You know me too well, do not you?" He Asked her laughingly. "Do I?" She said ... still Recovering from her surprise and disappointment ... May be? "You Knew I Could not choose 'Lovescene' Skye." He Told her. "That Will Have to be your call, and I am willing to wait as long as it takes ... or odd wait forever if it never happens." She Did not say anything in response ... but Could he sense her kisses That Were more passionate, more lingering longing ... more ...
There WAS going to be a Perfect competition on Paradise Island. The contestants Would Be decorating a single hut to make it into a comfortable home. They Had to do it using just 10 prims, and materials That Are Likely to be 'naturally' found on the island. Girish Had No building skills in SL, Skye DID goal. He HAD beens impressed by the beautiful home That She Had created on her own plot - White Sands. So he urged her to Participate in the competition. She was a bit reluctant due to her own time Constraints, goal aussi It was a tempting challenge. So she Held back a bit, allowed herself to aim Then be pushed into the contest. 
They sat and Stared at the empty hut for hours! Throwing ideas at each other, observing what the other contestants Were up to. Nothing Seemed to be clicking close .... Purpose Girish logged on one day, and rezzed right in front of the hut. He just Stood there gaping at the vision in front of His eyes. While he HAD beens away in RL, Skye HAD Spend time in SL decorating the hut. It was beautiful! She Had Given it the texture of a cave. There Was a single bear rug inside, and A Few romantic pose balls on it. There Were butterflies flying around the entrance. On the back wall there WAS a picture of Skye and Girish, dancing together. It was a very clever 10 prim build. When one clicked anywhere on the hut, it blood out - Welcome to Skye and Girish's Hut. When one clicked on the picture, it aussi blood out - Girish & Skye dancing in paradise. 

Girish was really overwhelmed. He Had not thought Skye Would decorate it as 'Their' home. It was Almost like Announcing to the world That They Were together as a couple. He felt aussi That Among all the huts compete competing, this WAS the only one That Really Fulfilled the requirement of the contest - to convert the hut into a comfortable HOME. It Had no frills, and yet a very homely feel about it. And Besides the 10 prims, It Had lots of love. Her using the texture of a cave ... he couldn't help aim smile. Held Caves really special significance for the two of them!
Skye WAS amused When she saw how astonished to see the He Was decorated hut. "It is your entry to the competition, Skye! You did not have to call it Girish and Skye's hut. "He Said to her. Purpose She Said she always thought of it as 'Their' entry - After All It was he pushed her into Have you HAD this!
Could he sense That Were changing things for them ... Their friends and acquaintances on the island HAD started Acknowledging em as a pair - some with pleasure, Some with resignation! They Had Themselves beens feeling very comfortable with each other - They Could Talk about anything and everything. Whatever They Were time online at the same time They spend it with each other ', Generally it Perfect Paradise Island. It was as if Skye left her previous life and SL Followed Girish into this nomadic existence island. They Agreed on most things. He Told her belief His Own That He Was God Shiva, Effective Whom He Was named (In Spite of His Being an atheist!). As They Talked about Shiva's story, They Were Both stuck by the parallels. 
Shiva and Uma Were a happy couple, goal one day Uma Went to her relative's place for Some family function. There She Was insulted and laughed at by relating Because Some of Shiva's apparent Lack of social status, and his Generally unkempt looks and rustic lifestyle. The derision affected her so much she jumped into That the holy fire and killed herself. Shiva Went berserk When He Heard the news. He Almost Went into a comatose state. He Was slowly coaxed out of this half dead state by Gauri. Gauri, the princess, daughter of a king, left her father's palace and Embraced the same lifestyle as Shiva. She danced and cajoled him out of His blues. He Did Overcome His grievance with her help and allowed himself to be won over by her .... Girish started calling Skye, His Gauri. 
The hut decoration competition finally netted 13 entries. Aim the result Kept getting delayed. There Was turmoil on the island - a power struggle of sorts. It led to a lot of discussions, restructuring, and a key person leaving due to difference of opinion. In all this process, Girish found himself getting drawn more and more into the community, Trying to salvage the situation Trying to be a peacemaker. In the meanwhile the huts Waited for the judges, and Skye and Girish's romance to blossom Continued around White Sands and Perfect Paradise. 
It was Their usual time - her night, His morning, When They met - this time at White Sands, Skye's home. There Was a pose ball right on the porch. The guy Lifted the girl in His arms, And They kissed. "Carry me upstairs, darling ..." Skye whispered to him. They teleported upstairs - to the bedroom. "I imagine you putting me down on the marble floor ... pulling off my clothes ...", she typed ... just as she Produced 'Lovescene' pose balls from her inventory and put 'em on the ground! Girish's heart WAS hammering in His chest. This is it ... She has made up her mind ... she wants this as much as I do ... 
He finally learned what 'love scene' was all about ... A Most remarkable and memorable day for Both of Them. He Knew Then That this fantastic woman HAD Become the center of His universe ...

Finally the island community issues got sorted out, and it WAS Decided to judge the hut decoration contest by consensus. After one weekly group meeting, the 10 or so people assembled Have you HAD, Walked down the mountain to the huts, and inspected.please em one by one. Girish was there, Was not aim Skye - It was not a suitable time for her to be online. The contest really boiled down to only two huts - one WAS Skye's entry and the other Was a very ornate and elaborately decorated hut. Purpose closer inspection Showed That The other hut HAD used much more than 10 prims, and so there WAS a clear winner! Skye HAD won the contest, hands down! After looking over the hut, Miralee Said to Girish, "You have got a good woman for you there, Girish" He Responded, "Yes, I know!"

Skye WAS ecstatic When she read the announcement is coming online That Night. Girish WAS waiting for her, wanting to be the first one to congratulate her. They danced with joy. The WAS priceless prize for 'em - all other huts Had to be removed, the winner goal hut would stay on the island, for everyone to enjoy and use. Miralee created a little offshore island specially for the hut, and there it stands now ... a testimony to the beauty and power of love ... An inspiring symbol for all romantics. 
To be continued ....
Girish Navarathna

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