Sunday, October 3, 2010

Editorial Policy of Paradise Echo

We are Committed to printing Everything that the members of Perfect Paradise Island group submit or recommend.
The scope of our work is limited to:
1. We sometimes ok / modify parts of a write up from the grammatical point of view, if the 'errors' are taking away from the meaning of the write up. Sometimes grammatical 'errors' are hand of the author's style. We do not touch these.
2. We also sometimes add pictures to the write ups to Enhance the message of the write up.
3. We decided the order and layout and presentation of the materials.
We are Committed to Ensure That is Paradise Echo year term of all members icts. We urge members to use it to freely express Themselves, Openly, and without fear of censorship. We also urge members to share Their views on the contents of previous issues, and suggestions for upcoming issues aussi.
Thank you!

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