Sunday, October 3, 2010

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor
I have an Enormous collection of jokes, all of All which are at the expense of a section of the community, or of people from this country or That. A cousin Sends me a steady stream of 'em. In the collection are blond jokes, ageist jokes, anti-this country jokes, anti-that country jokes, anti-gay jokes, anti-disabled jokes, jokes against men, jokes against women etc.. Do they offend me? Not really. Generally I just delete 'em and keep' em sitting there Amongst the uncleared deleted items. Nirmal's piece Free 'Women, Countries and Geography' in the September edition of the Paradise Echo Would fit very nicely'm his collection under the 'ageist' category. I have the Following comments about it.
First, altho there are loads of ageist jokes around I was surprised to find this one in the Echo, a newspaper Which Usually Does not-have anything 'anti' in it, quite the opposite in fact.
SECONDLY, it Would not be nice to have a series of 'attacking' piece in the Echo. I Could Provide material That Would Appropriately 'hit back', How Would That goal help us, or the world?
And lastly, I value Perfect Paradise as a place Where people tend to be thoughtful and respectful of others on the Basis of Their fellow-humanity, Regardless of gender or race. I want the Paradise Echo to Reflect That. Second Life Has Many room for the opinions, attitudes and jokes That separate, purpose please, in Paradise, let us just be people together.
Alula Beck

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