Sunday, October 3, 2010

What would you say...

What would you say is the one, important thing That stands in the way of humans living on planet earth peacefully most?

Girish Navarathna: Ego

n2witive Destiny: Population Explosion

Rayah Slade: Human selfish need. If we simply Were selfless and care for others only the world Would Have peace.

Phlebas Afterthought: Resources. We feel the need to provide That Which we feel Will sustain us, and in a world without enough to sustain all, we fight.

Miracle Masala : The illusion Abebooks web are separate from each other 'and from god - that there is a difference Between you and me.

Fael Innovia : "It must be the way I say it must be" or "It must be the way I think it must be"

Bertram Jacobus: i agree with the buddha, Have you Explained - It Would be greed!

Zoebug Agrawal: The union between - The Capitalistic Establishment & Megacorporations (supported by rightwing loonies Some esp in the USA) V anyone Who Does not fit into Their World and dares to stand up against it.

Nicholas Inventor: Greed or fear, so nameless Some combination of the two.

Darcon Xue: That the idea, someone or other, POSSESS, any, one or any thing.

Miralee Munro: I Firmly believe That people are distracted from Knowing That the Lack of Love in Their life and ego (thirst for power) Means That we can not live in peace together.

 jamkey Cherry: I see the EGO'S of the world, and the GREED in the world are the biggest problems and the extreme Elements in the world Faning keep the flames.

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